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Hi people. What do you think of the makeover? I have been messing around on Best Mama and thought I’d hit this site too, while I was at it. Hubs says: there’s wine on the header, that makes sense. 

It does.

If you’re on the hunt for some good stocking stuffers, I have run across a few things lately that would be perfect (read: cheap!) for the stocking, and are actually kind of awesome.


First, this. If your stocking can’t accommodate a bottle of wine, I would consider upgrading.


Smoking Loon 2010 Cab. It’s really good. And it was $8.99 a bottle. I was like, omg Hubs, let’s go buy ten! And he was like, Okay. Are we still pretending that your wine problem is a wine solution? 

It’s the holidays!

Also, this.

It’s called the Precision Pore Cleansing Pad. It’s from Sephora (big surprise!) and it’s $5. I cannot say enough about this weird little piece of plastic. You just put a little of your cleanser on it, and massage/cleanse your face. It really does leave your skin so soft and gets those pores clean.

In other news, we finally put pictures up in our house. We moved here in October of 2010. I’m really not kidding.

Big thanks to my dad for taking the pictures, printing and mounting the pictures, and then UPSing them to us.

Wow, aren’t we awesome?


We love our picture wall! It’s made such a big difference in making it look like specific people live in this house. As opposed to just, random people with a crapload of toys and bottles.

Well, I’ve got a test to study for. I probably need to block myself from Facebook for a few hours.



Hubs randomly asked me, “What’s better than bacon?”

I promptly responded, “Wine and chocolate.”

And obviously butter too.

I just enjoyed a big plate of these:

You can’t make french scrambled eggs without butter. In fact, I probably had scrambled eggs twice during the 30 days of Whole30 and both times I regretted it because they tasted like shoes. That’s why I ate my eggs fried.

This weekend, I was reunited with an old friend.




And oh so delicious.

People, I was in heaven.

You might think that Hubs and I would drink a glass perhaps two, since we hadn’t had a drop of vino in a month. But we don’t roll like that.

We survived, as did our waistlines.

It’s funny, neither of us wanted to eat anything truly off the Whole30 plan, even though we could. We had Indian food on Friday night, and I had several things that were not on plan, but didn’t overeat at all, stopped when I was full, and fortunately didn’t suffer any intestinal discomfort. But we hit up the supermarket, had our juice in the AM, made sure to eat salads, and generally just acted foolish with our wine. Because we missed our wine.

It was really weird! But kind of cool.

I really didn’t take any pictures during the weekend, as I was too busy chasing after my kiddo or drinking vino, but we had a wonderful family visit. Eli was awesome, slept at night, and was generally adorable.

This is him and my dad at the Indian restaurant. Eli, by the way, LOVES Indian food. My dad was so proud.

We are bit behind schedule today because yesterday, little man got his first hematoma and this Mommy was FREAKED out.

Can you see that poor bump?

I put him to bed past his bedtime because I just wanted to make sure he was acting normally. And then of course every time he cried or fussed I ran in there because I was concerned. So suffice to say I didn’t sleep well last night, and he ended up sleeping in until close 9am. Which means nap time was pushed back an hour. It’s cool though. But gosh. I hate it when he hurts himself and it seems to be something he’s very intent on doing!

Things I’ve said repeatedly this morning:

  • You really shouldn’t eat that paper.
  • You really should stop eating the dog food.
  • What’s in your mouth?
  • Say “ahhh”
  • Please give that to me.
  • Open your mouth!
  • What are you chewing on?

So, after I finish this post I’m going to go sit down and stare at the wall for a few moments and try to regain my sanity. Nap time is only so long, after all.

How was your weekend? Any vino shenanigans?

Hi guys! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. This is just a quickie post to say hello. I’ve got about 60 minutes left of nap time and a shizz nizzle of a to-do list to whip through.

Hubs and I had a WONDERFUL FLIPPIN’ TIME in Sonoma. I cannot imagine why, pre-baby, we never went there? I just can’t. Taste delicious wine all day, feast upon delicious food by night? Yes please.


Yep. That’s me, probably 5-6 wineries into the day.

Truly though, it was so wonderful for Hubs and I to just be US again. It really breathed some new oxygenated air into our relationship, and while we’re both exhausted from yesterday’s full day of travel, we really do feel good.

Remember how I was so nervous about leaving my son?


“Dear Mom,

Come back whenever. Grandma is just as good at making my bottles and hand-feeding me delicious tidbits of whatever she’s eating. She also understands that I need 100% of her attention at all times. You could pick up a few pointers.

Love, Eli”

The moral of this story is that babies are liars. They say they love you and need you and then just turn around and love whoever makes the bottles.

I’m kidding. Sort of. When my mom told me that he was sticking to his nap/sleep schedule, eating well, being a little saint, I did have a moment of, “Oh…really? No tears?” But I think knowing that he was totally fine enabled me to relax and have a good time as well. If I knew he was having fits the whole time I clearly would have been anxious.

But really. What a little user.



Delicious margherita pizza and Zinfandel at VJB Wineries.


Grapes doing their thing.


Homemade wine truffles.

Lemon Ricotta pancakes



Remember how I’ve had vacations where I come back lighter or without having gained an ounce?

This was not one of those vacations.


So worth the bloat, though.

Have you guys had any good vacations this summer? Moms – how was your first trip away from the babies?


I started off this beautiful morning with a truly delicious juice: grapefruit and ginger. A little sweet, a lot tangy, with a little spice. Perfect.

Yesterday started off really fantastic. I had one of the best grocery shopping experiences ever! You see, my food supply in the casa was incredibly low, and I had absolutely nothing fresh except apples, which while nice, are not meal-making nice. For a long time now, I have a had a certain routine when it comes to grocery shopping. Or maybe routine is the wrong word, perhaps… RULES. Yes, rules. I had a lot of them. No going to the grocery store hungry, without a list or without my reuseables. That may seem fairly normal and fine and logical. And it is. Going to the store hungry is a surefire way to blow the budget and buy junk!

However, that is not where the rules ended.

As time went on, my rules became exhaustive and restrictive. No eggs, no dairy, no high fructose corn syrup, no carbs, no beans, no overly sugar fruits, no white potatoes, no soy, no processed foods, and you probably get the picture. This list of restrictions made shopping a whole lot shorter of a process, but also a lot less fun. And what was I gaining from this? I had to ask myself, because it wasn’t like I was getting incredibly healthy, losing all the weight I wanted to lose, and feeling like a rockstar — quite the opposite, I was annoyed with myself for wanting to eat things other than green juices and salads. My digestive system was unhappy, and I just ended up going out to eat with Hubs and being a total monster anyway, getting in those precious sugars and carbs any way I could. Something had got to give. And so it has.

Yesterday, I gave intuitive shopping a try. I said to myself: Self, go in there and purchase what looks appealing to you. Go buy what you want to eat. Just do it.

It was so fantastic. I spent about 45 minutes in the store, browsing the aisle, smelling produce, thinking up recipes. I bought things like: white potatoes, whole wheat tortillas, eggplant, kale, grapefruits — and I bought black beans, tofu, and even some whole grain toaster waffles and pure maple syrup. I felt so happy! Isn’t it something, that you can restrict yourself so much in such a basic way, that going grocery shopping without rules becomes so amazingly fun?

The point here is that I didn’t load up my cart with Twinkies and Cheez Doodles. Far from it! My kitchen is now stocked up with very healthy, whole food, and a few processed things like the tofu, TJ’s Masala burgers, and some veggie sausage patties.

So that was sweet. Hanging out with some friends and vino last night was also sweet.

But unfortunately, I just couldn’t end the weekend on a sweet note.

I turned into CrazyTextingWino Sarah.

My victim? My husband, of course. Who happens to be in Arizona.

I’m clearly not going to go into the gory details of the massacre, but let’s just leave it at this: when in doubt, sleep it out.