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I had a really, really amazing weekend. The IIN Conference was just incredible and has infused me so much energy, confidence, and motivation. I cannot wait to officially start my practice!

Three things that really stood out to me.

  1. The power of food to heal is truly humbling and amazing.
  2. Listening is an art and a form of healing care.
  3. Being around like-minded individuals is like crack – in a good way.

It occurred to me that this is the first time I’ve traveled alone in over seven years! Isn’t that wild? So, what kind of mischief did I get into all on my own? I’ll tell you the first story, so you’ll see just how used to traveling with Hubs I am.

First of all, I booked my train trip to Stamford, CT with a return trip departing from Stamford, CT as well. In my mind, Stamford comes before New York. I’m just that used to living North of NYC I guess. So, when my train pulled up at Penn Station on Friday, and I still had a 45 minute ride to go before we hit Stamford, I definitely said, “Huh…” to myself. However, I wanted to see my parents. So I continued on my merry way.

We had a delicious lunch and vino.


Tip: People love it when you catch them chewing.

Anyway, then I got back on the train to NYC. I had a small rolling suitcase, a duffle bag, and my purse. In the suitcase were two bottles of wine and my computer. So it was heavy. Super heavy. Oh, and I had  a jacket that I didn’t need to wear. Since it was warm.

Once at Grand Central, I need to take a subway to Times Sq. I did so. A lot of walking and pulling those damned luggages.

Once in Times Sq, my hotel was 6-7 blocks away. Up two flights of crazy subway stairs and through thick throngs of people who were very content to be looking up at all the lights and stimuli while walking incredibly slow.

I finally make it to my hotel. I literally want to die. I’m hot and sweaty. My feet are killing me, as it turns out those cowboy boots, while cute, are not comfy for walking. I give them my name to check in and they inform me that I’m not there. Can’t find me.

Turns out I booked myself at their 57th and Lexington location. Nowhere close to where I was nor where I needed to be.

If Hubs had been with me that would not have happened!

Luckily, I was able to stay there and all was well. Especially when I saw this:


Just for me.

Then, after unpacking…


I met up with Sis for bonding time over Ethiopian food, honey wine, and night time wandering around the Village.





Great times.

Other highlights:


Raw vegan Caesar salad from Pure Food & Wine


Macadamia nut “fish” cakes. With “tartar” sauce, also from Pure Food & Wine. AMAZING.

I also ate the Mallomar for dessert, but was too busy swooning to take a pic.


Amazing green juice from Equinox.

So, it was a great time. I’m so thankful for the experience!

The boys did fine without me – in fact, my son is now spoiled and a total Daddy’s boy. I have two days to reprogram him.


“Reprogram me?!?!?!”


For me, a rut is when you get shoved out of what you want to be doing into what you don’t want to be doing, but it’s easier to wallow in the rut for a while than to actually take the effort to climb out and get yourself back on track. This used to happen to me on a weekly basis.

I believe, when it comes to “dieting” getting yourself stuck in a rut is to be expected, because most likely, you’re feeling left out, deprived, unsatisfied, and maybe even flat out hungry. You tell yourself that you’re dieting for a reason, that the “pain” is necessary for the gain; but there’s a part of your brain that feels like this is just wrong and cruel and it wants you to break free. It wants you to reach for that phone and call Dominoes, or make that late night run to McDonald’s. I think in its own way, a rut is your body telling you that what you’re doing is not really working and it’s time for a reassessment.

But what do you do then? Chances are, you’re trying to lose weight, so giving in to your cravings of obvious bad food choices is probably not going to help anything.

So, here are some tips for you.

  • Examine your craving. Truly break it down. If it’s pizza you think you want, what is it about the pizza that appeals to you? Is it the actual food, the carbs, the cheese, the tomato sauce? Or does it go deeper, perhaps. Are you feeling emotionally strained and is pizza something that in the past you have associated with being happy or carefree? It may seem silly at first, but food can hold a very strong emotional place in our lives, as it tangles up two very big senses: taste and smell. Understanding that you may not actually want this food, but rather the feelings and memories it brings back to you, is a huge thing and can be empowering.
  • What are you eating these days? If you are following a severely restricted eating plan, you may need to reevaluate this. Your body could be needing something essential that it’s not getting. Are you craving carbs? Sugar? Salt? Fat? Pay attention. Your body knows what it needs, though it doesn’t always communicate it in the most straight forward of ways. If you are having a craving, there’s a pretty good chance you need to make a small adjustment and make sure your body is fueled properly.
  • Do it. This is something that I sometimes do myself and recommend to some of my clients. Go ahead and eat whatever it is you want. But do it scientifically. Do it in a way that doesn’t allow you to wallow and luxuriate in it. For example, after a very long time of not having any processed food or fast food at all, I found myself wanting a Subway sandwich. Badly. So I went for it. But I weighed myself before I ate it and thirty minutes after. Guess what? I had bloated up an entire four pounds. And my belly was huge. Then I weighed myself again the next morning and I was a solid two and a half pounds heavier (not permanently, but still!). This showed me that the taste of the Subway sandwich wasn’t worth the distress on my body. Do you hate bloating up four pounds after eating? Then trust me, your body hates it even more.

Now, clearly exercise is a good way to distract yourself from eating poorly, but I’m not putting distractors in here because I don’t want you to distract yourself from your craving – rather, try to understand it, break it down, and fix it.


I hope you guys find that helpful!

So you know, I’m starting to take on clients at a discounted rate now. I can work you with via phone, skype, or in person if you’re in the MD/DC/VA area. 



What does it mean??

Well, it’s kind of awesome. My husband has asked to be my first nutrition client! I’m thrilled. I’m going to green juice the crap out of him.

However, because of his schedule and how much he travels, it’s a little hectic for me to make him fresh juice each morning, and he’s not going to juice for himself. So I was trying to think of the best way to freeze a vitamin-rich liquid…

And realized I already had plenty of breast milk storage bags! They are only 5 oz each, but they will do for now. I’ve been slowly building up his stash when I make my own juice in the morning, so that I can just send him on his way with a cooler of morning goodness. It was kind of one of those “DUH” moments. I could have been freezing and stashing this whole time, and then when a lazy morning strikes I’d have absolutely no excuse not to get my juice. Because you know that happens.

In other news, my son is now a human bumper car. I kind of feel like I should just put a helmet on him and have done with it. He’s just completely unstoppable!

Also, are any of you True Blood fans? Hubs and I are big time, and I have to say that I’m loving this season so far. I love all the new characters! Sookie’s been kind of useless, but I’m assuming that will change eventually.

Ok, I have to run, someone is trying to pull up the vents and eat the dog food.


Happy Monday!