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Hi guys! I hope you all had a wonderful weekend. This is just a quickie post to say hello. I’ve got about 60 minutes left of nap time and a shizz nizzle of a to-do list to whip through.

Hubs and I had a WONDERFUL FLIPPIN’ TIME in Sonoma. I cannot imagine why, pre-baby, we never went there? I just can’t. Taste delicious wine all day, feast upon delicious food by night? Yes please.


Yep. That’s me, probably 5-6 wineries into the day.

Truly though, it was so wonderful for Hubs and I to just be US again. It really breathed some new oxygenated air into our relationship, and while we’re both exhausted from yesterday’s full day of travel, we really do feel good.

Remember how I was so nervous about leaving my son?


“Dear Mom,

Come back whenever. Grandma is just as good at making my bottles and hand-feeding me delicious tidbits of whatever she’s eating. She also understands that I need 100% of her attention at all times. You could pick up a few pointers.

Love, Eli”

The moral of this story is that babies are liars. They say they love you and need you and then just turn around and love whoever makes the bottles.

I’m kidding. Sort of. When my mom told me that he was sticking to his nap/sleep schedule, eating well, being a little saint, I did have a moment of, “Oh…really? No tears?” But I think knowing that he was totally fine enabled me to relax and have a good time as well. If I knew he was having fits the whole time I clearly would have been anxious.

But really. What a little user.



Delicious margherita pizza and Zinfandel at VJB Wineries.


Grapes doing their thing.


Homemade wine truffles.

Lemon Ricotta pancakes



Remember how I’ve had vacations where I come back lighter or without having gained an ounce?

This was not one of those vacations.


So worth the bloat, though.

Have you guys had any good vacations this summer? Moms – how was your first trip away from the babies?







(Hello new readers. Welcome!)



Toes are painted.


Bags are packing up.


Sammy is depressed.


It can only mean it’s finally here. Look at the countdown. ONE DAY.

I am flipping out.

On one hand, I’m unable to express how gosh derned excited I am. Just think of it – eating, sleeping, drinking… with no interruptions! How can that not be awesome? I’m sure it will be. But I’m absolutely dreading leaving my little munchy poo.


I mean, look at him. He’s so munchy.

Ugh, I’m so all over the place I can’t even write a normal sentence. I’m sorry. I know it’ll be fine, especially once I get a few glasses of wine under my belt. I can’t thank my mother enough for coming down here to watch the Zoo. I almost want to skip out quickly before she realizes what a zoo it really is.

I’m not going to be blogging on this vacation (like I ever do…) for real. I’m leaving this computer at home and only taking Hub’s iPad for FaceTiming purposes. I will be uploading annoying pictures of me with drinks in my face, Hub’s face, etc to Instagram, so please, follow our first BABY FREE vacation in ever. It should be a good time.


or look me up  @sturjlite

I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful weekend and I will see you next week!

Also, quick shout out to Sean Moylan at Green Juice . I’ve been feeling the love!





One of the best food blogs I’ve come across ever has got to be The Shiksa in the kitchen. There’s such a huge wealth of information on the site, from simple things like how to seed a tomato to fun nerdy things like a white bean soup that Thomas Jefferson was fond of. There’s obviously a heavy influence of Jewish cooking, from many different Jewish cultures, and it’s truly just a delicious goldmine of recipes. I haven’t tried one thing that wasn’t great and I’ve been inspired to try other things by looking at her recipes.

Yesterday, since I had a boatload of plum tomatoes and peppers from my CSA share, I decided to see what I recipes I could make, and I sure found a delicious one!


It’s a delicious, slow-cooked medley of roasted tomatoes, roasted peppers, garlic, spice, and olive oil of course. Eaten as a cold salad, it’s so delicious on pretty much everything and anything. Last night I spooned it atop chicken drumsticks for husband with roasted cauliflower as a side . He loved it! It’s also a hit with this guy:

He loves strong flavors. A guy after my own heart 🙂


Yum. We’re definitely having this with scrambled eggs for breakfast!

This week has started off kind of crazy. Yesterday Eli was all off his schedule, and a pip for general purposes. He probably napped for a grand total of 40 minutes the entire day, and for a kid who average 3.5 hours of naps, that just wasn’t a good thing. However, he seems to be in good spirits this morning, so I’m crossing my fingers that I can get him back on track before my mom gets here tomorrow. She’s going to be staying here with the zoo while Hubs and I go here…

Yes, please!

I’m even going to get my nails done.

I’m thinking this color for my toes:

Can you tell I’m excited?

Well, it’s time for coffee and a little breakfast. Have you had your green juice yet? 🙂

This one is my new favorite: Kale, cucumber, half a fennel (the WHOLE thing, halved), lemon, apple. So delicious!

I really love sauce.

At different points in my life, sauce love has been a downfall. For example, circa 2007-2008 when I was on the hunt for the perfect Alfredo sauce. And then started making it. You know I love me some butter. But if you put a truck load of butter and cream on white pasta, inevitably, you’ll become a truck load of butter. It’s just the way it is.

Anyway, I’ve recently discovered what a reduction of balsamic vinegar is. I’m not sure why no one told me about this. Except that  now, I’m reducing bottles of vinegar daily. And loving it.

Over fresh tomato chunks… Delightful!

Over LaLoo’s Snowflake goat’s milk ice cream?

O M G.

So, that’s one sauce I’m loving these days.

The other is a sauce I’ve loved for over a decade. It’s one of the signature sauces from Angelica Kitchen in NYC, and I would probably eat a paper bag if you dipped it in this stuff. While the actual sauce in the restaurant is the best ever, this recipe does come close, and is simply delicious on steamed veggies, buckwheat noodles, brown rice… Anything really.


I’m linking you to Martha Stewart’s page, because she took the sauce recipe from the actual Angelica Kitchen cookbook. You know how I am with recipes, which is probably why my version never tastes the same twice AND isn’t exactly as it is in the restaurant…

You’ll notice that the proportions of rice vinegar, sweetener, tamari are equal. I used maple syrup in place of brown sugar and just adjusted the amount of water needed. I omitted garlic, as I’m not a huge fan of raw garlic. I did put the fresh ginger and that was delicious.

Good stuff!

Well, my friends, it is Friday. In exactly 7 days, I will leaving my only son and traveling across the country to drink wine, eat, and sleep in peace. I’m already having mini panic attacks. I know he will be fine. I know that. But suddenly the thought of being away from him for more than a few hours is extremely overwhelming! So I’m really excited + really freaked out.

Ladies with kids – how was it your first time leaving your little one? Did you freak out?

Have you guys noticed that little count down thingy at the bottom of my page?

16 days!

I’m really, really, really… Really excited.

We used to party! This was waaay back in the day… 2006 I think!

The things I’m excited to do may surprise you. But perhaps, if you’re a mommy, they won’t. You see, no one really ever fully explains to you how life changes in small, yet deep ways, once you have a baby. I love my son and would not trade him or the experience of being his mother for anything in the world. But there are a few things that I miss.

  1. Eating my dinner in peace. Eli is at the stage where if he’s awake, he’s moving. And if he’s moving, he’s magnetically attracted to either the most dangerous or most annoying thing in the room. I have the time it takes him to down a 6 oz bottle to get my dinner down the hatch. Relaxing? Not so much.
  2. Sleeping. Wow, I can’t believe this is number 2. But while he’s home, he’s gotten fairly “decent” with the sleeping. Nonetheless, the concept of Sleeping In is completely beyond his comprehension.
  3. Spending adult time with my husband. Not gonna lie, it’s gotten a little PG around here. We’re just tired. Hubs is working A LOT plus traveling, and I’m running around after Baby Godzilla all day and trying to squeeze in a lecture or two. And a blog post (haha). When Eli finally crashes, it’s almost like we crash too. We possibly have enough gas to get through True Blood and then pass out.
  4. Reading a work of fiction. There was a brief period of perhaps 3 weeks when I read A LOT. I mean, all of the Game of Thrones books. Plus the Hunger Games trilogy. It was such a blissful time. I think it was when Eli really hit his groove with the breastfeeding and would spend an hour latched on, during which time I’d Kindle the heck of my iPad. Now? If I can get a minute to read, it’s either for school or a recipe. Or like, my Facebook newsfeed.

I think I’ll stop it there. Lest I lose myself in a wave of self-pity.

What a life. 🙂

Anyway, we are going to Sonoma in 16 days. It’s a quick trip, really, 3 nights, 4 days. But the wonderful part is, we only have one excursion plan, which is a private car taking us to different wineries for 5 hours (gosh, how will we manage it…) and the rest of the time, is for us. Sleeping in, eating, drinking, doing whatever the heck we want. 

I’m really quite excited. Quite, quite, quite.

And now I must go. Evernote tells me that some floors need vacuuming, a litter box needs cleaning, and then this girl needs some chow before Baby Godzilla arises.

Have you had any great trips this summer? Or any big plans for August?