I started off this beautiful morning with a truly delicious juice: grapefruit and ginger. A little sweet, a lot tangy, with a little spice. Perfect.

Yesterday started off really fantastic. I had one of the best grocery shopping experiences ever! You see, my food supply in the casa was incredibly low, and I had absolutely nothing fresh except apples, which while nice, are not meal-making nice. For a long time now, I have a had a certain routine when it comes to grocery shopping. Or maybe routine is the wrong word, perhaps… RULES. Yes, rules. I had a lot of them. No going to the grocery store hungry, without a list or without my reuseables. That may seem fairly normal and fine and logical. And it is. Going to the store hungry is a surefire way to blow the budget and buy junk!

However, that is not where the rules ended.

As time went on, my rules became exhaustive and restrictive. No eggs, no dairy, no high fructose corn syrup, no carbs, no beans, no overly sugar fruits, no white potatoes, no soy, no processed foods, and you probably get the picture. This list of restrictions made shopping a whole lot shorter of a process, but also a lot less fun. And what was I gaining from this? I had to ask myself, because it wasn’t like I was getting incredibly healthy, losing all the weight I wanted to lose, and feeling like a rockstar — quite the opposite, I was annoyed with myself for wanting to eat things other than green juices and salads. My digestive system was unhappy, and I just ended up going out to eat with Hubs and being a total monster anyway, getting in those precious sugars and carbs any way I could. Something had got to give. And so it has.

Yesterday, I gave intuitive shopping a try. I said to myself: Self, go in there and purchase what looks appealing to you. Go buy what you want to eat. Just do it.

It was so fantastic. I spent about 45 minutes in the store, browsing the aisle, smelling produce, thinking up recipes. I bought things like: white potatoes, whole wheat tortillas, eggplant, kale, grapefruits — and I bought black beans, tofu, and even some whole grain toaster waffles and pure maple syrup. I felt so happy! Isn’t it something, that you can restrict yourself so much in such a basic way, that going grocery shopping without rules becomes so amazingly fun?

The point here is that I didn’t load up my cart with Twinkies and Cheez Doodles. Far from it! My kitchen is now stocked up with very healthy, whole food, and a few processed things like the tofu, TJ’s Masala burgers, and some veggie sausage patties.

So that was sweet. Hanging out with some friends and vino last night was also sweet.

But unfortunately, I just couldn’t end the weekend on a sweet note.

I turned into CrazyTextingWino Sarah.

My victim? My husband, of course. Who happens to be in Arizona.

I’m clearly not going to go into the gory details of the massacre, but let’s just leave it at this: when in doubt, sleep it out.