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Christmas is fast approaching. The malls are complete mayhem. I got a nasty cold, compliments of visiting the kiddy playpen, I’m sure. And Hubs is out of town until Wednesday night.

I’ve been staying far away from the news for the most part. All I needed to hear was what happened; after that, I knew that retelling this tragedy over and over again was not only hurtful, but completely unnecessary. I’m not a person who gets overly wrapped up in debates on gun control, the role of government, or any hot button topics. I never have been. But I’m very scared right now, because in a few years, Eli will be going to school. All I can think about is losing him to something so tragic and completely unthinkable. I’m scared as only a parent, a mother can be scared, and I think part of it is selfish. I don’t know how I would react or feel if I lost my baby. But I do know it would completely and forever darken my life in a way that I shouldn’t understand, because it is too awful. Last night when President Obama was speaking to the Sandy Hook community, and he began to read the names of the children… It just really finally hit me. I kept thinking: that’s too many names. 

So, like everyone else this weekend, I held my family close to me. I’m enjoying every little detail of the monotonous, not-worth-reporting minutiae, because this is actually the stuff that is important. Eli is running around the family room right now singing, “Baby, bahbee, baby, bebe, baba,” (all of his favorite words) and I can only feel grateful and so happy to be here with him.


Between being sick and preparing for our Christmas trip to Connecticut on Saturday, this week will no doubt prove to kick my butt, so if I don’t check in before then, I just want to wish you and your family a safe, warm, loving, and thankful holiday, however you celebrate.

And, if you’ve been glued to the news, hearing nothing but sadness all weekend, take a break to enjoy your family.

Perhaps take a look at this, which definitely brightened my spirits.

Much love to you all!


Hubs randomly asked me, “What’s better than bacon?”

I promptly responded, “Wine and chocolate.”

And obviously butter too.

I just enjoyed a big plate of these:

You can’t make french scrambled eggs without butter. In fact, I probably had scrambled eggs twice during the 30 days of Whole30 and both times I regretted it because they tasted like shoes. That’s why I ate my eggs fried.

This weekend, I was reunited with an old friend.




And oh so delicious.

People, I was in heaven.

You might think that Hubs and I would drink a glass perhaps two, since we hadn’t had a drop of vino in a month. But we don’t roll like that.

We survived, as did our waistlines.

It’s funny, neither of us wanted to eat anything truly off the Whole30 plan, even though we could. We had Indian food on Friday night, and I had several things that were not on plan, but didn’t overeat at all, stopped when I was full, and fortunately didn’t suffer any intestinal discomfort. But we hit up the supermarket, had our juice in the AM, made sure to eat salads, and generally just acted foolish with our wine. Because we missed our wine.

It was really weird! But kind of cool.

I really didn’t take any pictures during the weekend, as I was too busy chasing after my kiddo or drinking vino, but we had a wonderful family visit. Eli was awesome, slept at night, and was generally adorable.

This is him and my dad at the Indian restaurant. Eli, by the way, LOVES Indian food. My dad was so proud.

We are bit behind schedule today because yesterday, little man got his first hematoma and this Mommy was FREAKED out.

Can you see that poor bump?

I put him to bed past his bedtime because I just wanted to make sure he was acting normally. And then of course every time he cried or fussed I ran in there because I was concerned. So suffice to say I didn’t sleep well last night, and he ended up sleeping in until close 9am. Which means nap time was pushed back an hour. It’s cool though. But gosh. I hate it when he hurts himself and it seems to be something he’s very intent on doing!

Things I’ve said repeatedly this morning:

  • You really shouldn’t eat that paper.
  • You really should stop eating the dog food.
  • What’s in your mouth?
  • Say “ahhh”
  • Please give that to me.
  • Open your mouth!
  • What are you chewing on?

So, after I finish this post I’m going to go sit down and stare at the wall for a few moments and try to regain my sanity. Nap time is only so long, after all.

How was your weekend? Any vino shenanigans?


I can remember when Eli was around four months old, feeling SO excited for him to try food. I don’t think I’m alone in feeling that way either, because more and more I see babies under six months (the recommended age for starting solids) chowing down – and you know they didn’t request a spoonful of puree.

I did a lot of research and experimenting when it comes to food, and found out that the reason that it’s recommended not to start your baby on solids earlier than six months, is because their digestive systems aren’t yet prepared to handle it. And if you’ve ever spent time with a baby who has a tummy ache… Well, it really sucks and it’s awful. That being said, every baby is different and as the Mommy in Command, it’s absolutely your choice and your business what you decide to feed your baby and how.

This post is just to give you a glimpse at how I’m treating food for Eli, in the hopes of raising a healthy kiddo and a diverse eater.

Rice Cereal 

I am NOT a fan of rice cereal. As early as three months, people were telling me to stuff Eli with it in order to get him to sleep through the night. It didn’t make sense to me. If his body couldn’t handle it, and his tummy was clearly already in distress, why would I do that? There are several other reasons why I won’t give him rice cereal even now.

  • It’s highly processed. Just look at it! Rice doesn’t look like that.
  • It’s got no natural fiber. They add it in chemically, but it’s already been stripped of all of its natural nutritional value.
  • It’s very binding – meaning it will totally constipate your baby. Again, NO fun.

If you want to feed grains as a first food, I would recommend trying out Quinoa flakes. They cook up in seconds, really, and you can flavor them with a little cinnamon and applesauce to make a delicious porridge. Because they are flakes, the texture is pretty smooth, but if you’re feeding a new eater, you could even puree it further.


Eli was a “late” eater. I started experimenting with food around the six month mark. 

He would taste it, but he wasn’t really into it, and certainly wouldn’t eat more than a spoonful.

Eli was really into his milk and my boobies, of course.

We tried fruit.


And some Sprout pre-made food. The fruits, sweet potatoes, and cereal + fruit mixes are delicious. I beg you not to try the Chicken with Creamy Vegetables. Eli almost called Child protective services.


He still loved his milk best though.


So I didn’t push it. Maybe once a day I’d offer him something to eat. He’d take it or not. Then he’d have a bottle or a boob.

I think it was around 8.5 – 9 months that his interest was really piqued. He started noticing US eating and wanting it. And since Hubs and I are eating clean, we were happy to give him tastes.

He’s almost 11 months now (OMG HOW) and he eats about 2-3 meals a day, washing down with a smaller portion of milk. Some examples of what he eats:

  • 1 egg scrambled with sweet potato bits and chopped spinach
  • Slow cooker chicken shredded with sweet potato and green beans
  • Green smoothies
  • Any fruit, cut into small chunks
  • Sweet potato mixed with coconut milk or chicken gravy (homemade)

And truly, whatever we are eating, he’ll want some. He loves things that are seasoned well and he loves hot sauce in his food. Makes sense considering who his parents are!

The only things that I won’t feed him are:

  • Refined sugars
  • Sugar
  • Wheat products
  • Juice
  • Processed food products

I realize that one day Eli is probably going to eat a Twinkie (Ugh) or even drink a soda, but for now, while I have the reins, I can’t see one good reason why he should have any exposure to that stuff. Especially at such a young age. Truly, the last thing I want is a toddler hopped up on sugar. He’s enough of a handful as it is!

It’s also been a heck of a lot easier, just sort of mashing up a small portion of whatever I’m making for dinner to give him. I cook up a big batch of sweet potatoes that I keep in the fridge, and we both eat those during the week. I also try to have a few cans of chicken gravy around because he loves that in everything. It’s got a lot of great nutrients from a whole chicken being slow-cooked in a vegetable broth, plus garlic, leeks, and rosemary.

One thing that I do buy though are these:


They are basically small pieces of dehydrated fruit. They are tasty and he loves them. Perfect for car rides.

I hope this post was helpful! As always, I’m more than happy to answer any questions here on the blog or on the FB page!