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Oh, hello. How’ve you been?

I feel like a total train wreck this morning. I felt like a train wreck Sunday morning as well. Let me tell you why. Or show you, rather:


That is homemade Baileys Irish Creme, loosely adapted from this recipe. The funny thing is, I don’t even like Bailey’s. If I’m putting hooch in my coffee, it’s more likely to be something along the lines of bourbon or Amaretto. But I thought it would be a nice treat for dessert on Sunday. 

And technically it was! Here’s the thing, this recipe is great. I may have used more booze than called for. It’s delicious like a naught adult milkshake is delicious. And there is nothing redeeming healthwise. It’s a health black hole. And it will suck you in. Because I haven’t had sugar or processed dairy in such high quantities in such a long time AND because I can’t moderate myself at all when drinking this, the past two days I’ve been waking up feeling like the plague is upon me. Sore throat, post nasal drip, the weird falling through a tunnel feeling you get when you’ve got a bad cold. The works! Oh, and some pleasant gastrointestinal distress that definitely qualified as a mini-cleanse. So I say all this to say, I’m not recommending that you make this unless you barely like creamy liquor, and/or you have a modicum of self control.

Otherwise, the weekend was nice. Every 2nd Sunday of each month we have a family lunch or dinner, and we alternate houses – either ours, cousin M’s or cousin J’s. This month was our turn.

IMG_2094 IMG_2095


I actually attempted a little decor. It’s been a long time. We had a lovely afternoon.



OMG Sarah, stop with the Baileys already!

I’m smiling because I know exactly what’s going to happen to me later.

Suffice to say, this is in serious need this morning:



My little dude is a bit under the weather – he finally succumbed to some version of the cold that’s been running around, but I can tell he’s getting better by the day, so that’s thankful.

In exciting news, I have two new clients starting this week! I’m pretty psyched.

Hope you all have a great Monday!



I had a really, really amazing weekend. The IIN Conference was just incredible and has infused me so much energy, confidence, and motivation. I cannot wait to officially start my practice!

Three things that really stood out to me.

  1. The power of food to heal is truly humbling and amazing.
  2. Listening is an art and a form of healing care.
  3. Being around like-minded individuals is like crack – in a good way.

It occurred to me that this is the first time I’ve traveled alone in over seven years! Isn’t that wild? So, what kind of mischief did I get into all on my own? I’ll tell you the first story, so you’ll see just how used to traveling with Hubs I am.

First of all, I booked my train trip to Stamford, CT with a return trip departing from Stamford, CT as well. In my mind, Stamford comes before New York. I’m just that used to living North of NYC I guess. So, when my train pulled up at Penn Station on Friday, and I still had a 45 minute ride to go before we hit Stamford, I definitely said, “Huh…” to myself. However, I wanted to see my parents. So I continued on my merry way.

We had a delicious lunch and vino.


Tip: People love it when you catch them chewing.

Anyway, then I got back on the train to NYC. I had a small rolling suitcase, a duffle bag, and my purse. In the suitcase were two bottles of wine and my computer. So it was heavy. Super heavy. Oh, and I had  a jacket that I didn’t need to wear. Since it was warm.

Once at Grand Central, I need to take a subway to Times Sq. I did so. A lot of walking and pulling those damned luggages.

Once in Times Sq, my hotel was 6-7 blocks away. Up two flights of crazy subway stairs and through thick throngs of people who were very content to be looking up at all the lights and stimuli while walking incredibly slow.

I finally make it to my hotel. I literally want to die. I’m hot and sweaty. My feet are killing me, as it turns out those cowboy boots, while cute, are not comfy for walking. I give them my name to check in and they inform me that I’m not there. Can’t find me.

Turns out I booked myself at their 57th and Lexington location. Nowhere close to where I was nor where I needed to be.

If Hubs had been with me that would not have happened!

Luckily, I was able to stay there and all was well. Especially when I saw this:


Just for me.

Then, after unpacking…


I met up with Sis for bonding time over Ethiopian food, honey wine, and night time wandering around the Village.





Great times.

Other highlights:


Raw vegan Caesar salad from Pure Food & Wine


Macadamia nut “fish” cakes. With “tartar” sauce, also from Pure Food & Wine. AMAZING.

I also ate the Mallomar for dessert, but was too busy swooning to take a pic.


Amazing green juice from Equinox.

So, it was a great time. I’m so thankful for the experience!

The boys did fine without me – in fact, my son is now spoiled and a total Daddy’s boy. I have two days to reprogram him.


“Reprogram me?!?!?!”

So, back in the day when Hubs and I were habitual dieters (aka Start one for New Years and one when the weather started to warm) we were a lot like boxers. You know how they severely dehydrate themselves prior to “Weigh In” day, so that they are as small as possible and can fit in to their weight class? Then, on fighting day, are suddenly 10-15 lbs heavier. We did the SAME thing, except in reverse. We would eat as much crapola as possible, like, go on an all-out junk food binge, prior to our weigh in. You’d think they told us that junk food was going out of business, and booze too! Come weigh in day, we’d be so bloated and gross that we were excited to “behave”! And of course, that first week weight loss was inspirational, as it was all bloat and poor digestion.

Fun times. My metabolism surely thanks me for the Yo-yo dieting. Surely.

Well, today is the first day of our Whole30 Challenge, and somehow, I let myself fall into that old pattern. I feel so gross.

I ate fried food. Fruit tarts. Burgers with white flour buns. A flippin’ chocolate croissant for breakfast!

Wow. So you now know that even Little Miss Healthy Pants can be a total ass.


There are a few reasons why I am doing the Whole30 Challenge, apart from supporting Hubs.

  • Unhealthy habits snuck into my routine – Yes, sweetened condensed milk, I’m looking at you. The daily sugar made me crave more sugar. Plain and simple.
  • My belly has been feeling bloated. Digestion has definitely slowed.
  • I still have 8 lbs I’d like to lose, and feel that a cleanse will help me get through my current plateau.
  • Curiosity over whether or not wheat is a food that negatively affects me.

So far, we’re barely halfway into Day 1. It’s not a huge deal, nor is it much different from how I have been eating. The key differences are in cooking processes – no butter. Which is sad for me. Along with the loss of cream. My french scrambled eggs were not the same – but still fine, with olive oil instead.

You’ll also be glad to know that I found a way to deal with the coffee.


It’s just coconut milk processed with a few medjool dates. It’s not super sweet, but the creaminess and slight sweetness gives me what I’m craving in my morning Cuppa – so no one had to die this morning.


All in all, I’m feeling good and excited. It’s been a while since I embarked on something like this, so I’m curious to see if I really react to it as a “challenge” as opposed to just something different.







(Hello new readers. Welcome!)



Toes are painted.


Bags are packing up.


Sammy is depressed.


It can only mean it’s finally here. Look at the countdown. ONE DAY.

I am flipping out.

On one hand, I’m unable to express how gosh derned excited I am. Just think of it – eating, sleeping, drinking… with no interruptions! How can that not be awesome? I’m sure it will be. But I’m absolutely dreading leaving my little munchy poo.


I mean, look at him. He’s so munchy.

Ugh, I’m so all over the place I can’t even write a normal sentence. I’m sorry. I know it’ll be fine, especially once I get a few glasses of wine under my belt. I can’t thank my mother enough for coming down here to watch the Zoo. I almost want to skip out quickly before she realizes what a zoo it really is.

I’m not going to be blogging on this vacation (like I ever do…) for real. I’m leaving this computer at home and only taking Hub’s iPad for FaceTiming purposes. I will be uploading annoying pictures of me with drinks in my face, Hub’s face, etc to Instagram, so please, follow our first BABY FREE vacation in ever. It should be a good time.


or look me up  @sturjlite

I hope you all have a wonderful, wonderful weekend and I will see you next week!

Also, quick shout out to Sean Moylan at Green Juice . I’ve been feeling the love!





One of the best food blogs I’ve come across ever has got to be The Shiksa in the kitchen. There’s such a huge wealth of information on the site, from simple things like how to seed a tomato to fun nerdy things like a white bean soup that Thomas Jefferson was fond of. There’s obviously a heavy influence of Jewish cooking, from many different Jewish cultures, and it’s truly just a delicious goldmine of recipes. I haven’t tried one thing that wasn’t great and I’ve been inspired to try other things by looking at her recipes.

Yesterday, since I had a boatload of plum tomatoes and peppers from my CSA share, I decided to see what I recipes I could make, and I sure found a delicious one!


It’s a delicious, slow-cooked medley of roasted tomatoes, roasted peppers, garlic, spice, and olive oil of course. Eaten as a cold salad, it’s so delicious on pretty much everything and anything. Last night I spooned it atop chicken drumsticks for husband with roasted cauliflower as a side . He loved it! It’s also a hit with this guy:

He loves strong flavors. A guy after my own heart 🙂


Yum. We’re definitely having this with scrambled eggs for breakfast!

This week has started off kind of crazy. Yesterday Eli was all off his schedule, and a pip for general purposes. He probably napped for a grand total of 40 minutes the entire day, and for a kid who average 3.5 hours of naps, that just wasn’t a good thing. However, he seems to be in good spirits this morning, so I’m crossing my fingers that I can get him back on track before my mom gets here tomorrow. She’s going to be staying here with the zoo while Hubs and I go here…

Yes, please!

I’m even going to get my nails done.

I’m thinking this color for my toes:

Can you tell I’m excited?

Well, it’s time for coffee and a little breakfast. Have you had your green juice yet? 🙂

This one is my new favorite: Kale, cucumber, half a fennel (the WHOLE thing, halved), lemon, apple. So delicious!

Good morning and Happy Monday. I apologize for going MIA for a minute there; this weekend I was busy playing catch up with school and spending time with my new internet boyfriend, Polyvore. If you’re Facebook or Pinterest friends with me, you already know how that relationship is going.

Due to the fact that a lot of friends and family have recently joined the Green Juice club (Yay!) and have been asking for good juice recipes, I thought I’d show you how I decide what to juice and how much of it to juice. It’s not an exact science of course, and all of it really depends on your personal taste preferences. So remember to try different combos and if you don’t like something, make a few adjustments next time and see if that fixes it.

Green Juice Equation:  1 part Dark + 2 part Water + 1 acid +1 sweet

Dark Greens include:

  • Kale (any variety, but I find the regular curly kale juices better than Lacinto)
  • Swiss Chard
  • Spinach
  • Dandelion Greens


Water Greens have a high water content:

  • Cucumber
  • Romaine hearts
  • Celery

Acid is a lemon or a lime – it will cut your “green” taste pleasantly

Sweet is a small apple or pear

Play around with your combinations until you find one what works well for you. If you make a green juice that you find extremely unpalatable – don’t you dare throw it out! Just add some water, some lemon juice, and a little liquid Stevia. It will be fine! 🙂


The juice I had this morning (above) was missing the second water green. I forgot about the cucumber.


If you’re using a Breville, that’s how I insert my veggies and fruits into it. The apple just pops right in. I love that so.

So, let’s see what else is new…


I put on my sneakers and went to the gym. I flipped out after 30 minutes POSITIVE the gym childcare provider was torturing my son. But she wasn’t. So I will go back. Most definitely.


Sammy and Kitty kept watch.


I caught the boys outside being adorable.


Oh, and I tasted a peach so delicious, it just begged to be drowned in Maker’s Mark.

You’ll have to wait another day for that recipe. I need to perfect it.

Go drink a green juice!

I’m having one of those mornings. I told my son to stop smiling at me, ate a waffle RIGHT after chugging my green juice, and feel really really evil. Because I’m super tired. Super super super. Tired.

But instead of sitting here and being a total drag and complaining about random things that are currently irritating me, I thought I’d thank myself.


Because we all deserve a big Thank You once in a while. We thank other people profusely, don’t we? Thank you for coming over. Thank you for putting your dishes away. Thank you for not picking your nose. But when’s the last time you gave yourself a nice pat on the shoulder and said, Thank YOU?

So, I’m thanking me for:

  • being so close to my wedding weight. I did this all by myself and I feel great about it.
  • being a psychotic mother to my son. It’s awesome and the best thing I do every is take care of him.
  • figuring out what I want “to be” in life and plotting a path to achieve it.
  • learning to be kinder to myself. It was a long time coming.

What are you thanking yourself for today?