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Do you have an old email address that you barely use anymore, but that contains a wealth of information from your life over the years? That’s how my Yahoo address. Yahoo kind of sucks, in my opinion, because it’s always getting hacked. I moved away from using it probably six or seven years ago, around the time when Hubs and I started dating. Maybe a year into dating, actually. But prior to that, I had been using it for a while – since high school, really!

Last night I went in and checked it, just to make sure that a real person hadn’t emailed me, and I got sucked into a total time warp! I had saved emails from Instant Message conversations from AOL (hahah!!), pictures of old BFs, old friends, poetry… It was amazing. I also found some cute correspondence between Hubs and myself, and got a load of how intense 21 year old Sarah was. I’m still as verbose, just not quite as dramatic. Motherhood has toned me down. Or tired me out. One or the other.

Gotta love the internet sometimes!

In other news, I am really loving my haircut. It has been a LONG time since I got a haircut that excited me this much – I’m going to venture to say years. It would happen that I find a stylist I love and who is a total STEAL, and we are about to up and move to PA. I can really tell it’s a good cut, because I washed it and blew it out myself yesterday, and it still looks good. I love the volume!



We also went to the black hole known as Target yesterday. I need a few things, that are relatively cheap: white vinegar, cuticle oil, and some pens. I left with more things.



I could not resist. He was just too cute with it. It has a “meow” function as well, that turns all the keys into different meows, and since mimicking Kitty is one of his favorite activities, he basically lost it over that. TOO ADORABLE.

Also, I’m on the hunt for this lipstick:


It’s by Bare Escentuals and the color is Red Zin. I tried it on at Ulta, and it’s the most amazing shade of berry. Wearable for day, for sure. And of course, they had none. And Sephora had none. I instead got Fix by Smashbox, which I’m wearing in the picture above, and I love it too, but I think Red Zin also needs to be mine.

Alright, I better get on my giddy up. I’ve got a phone call at 11 and also need to shower/dress before kiddo wakes up. Sometimes I fantasize about the days when I could do what I wanted to do at any time of the day… 🙂


Have a great one!


Hi guys, happy Sunday!

I’d be totally lying if I told you my weekend has been a blast. Because it hasn’t. Hubs and I started out Saturday bright and early with a little “tiff” that basically soured the milk, so to speak. I did escape and have some me time, which was great. I finally got a haircut:



I also bought those sunglasses and dropped some serious coin at Sephora and Ulta, which actually felt amazing. Then I treated myself to a delicious lunch at Lebanese Taverna:



I feel shiny and new, which is great. Today, Hubs is at the Ravens play-off game, and I’d be lying (again) if I said I was happy about it. You know how you know something isn’t a big deal, and it’s even nice for the other person and you totally want them to go and enjoy themselves – but like, on the other hand, shouldn’t they have cancelled those plans and spent the day with you instead? That’s kind of where I am. It really blows that we barely spent any time together this weekend, and tomorrow he leaves town again for three days. Things like this make me anxious to get to Pennsylvania already, so he won’t have to be away so much.

Also, lately (as in this weekend) people have been extra annoying to me. And I’m not PMSing! I just feel like everyone is forgetting that we have a kid, so we can’t just like, meet up at 9pm, randomly. Because the baby is sleeping. And you can’t just leave the baby sleeping, alone, in the house. Jeez. And it’s even more rude and annoying to invite my husband somewhere, when obviously, I’ll have to stay home. I’m extra awesome this weekend, that’s for sure. But so is everyone else!

In cuter news:



Right? He’s growing up so fast. Just running everywhere, trying to talk, learning new tricks (“Up!” for obvious reasons, using the dog stairs to get up on the couch, etc) and just being adorable. He’s still not able to sit still and cuddle me, as I request him to several hundred times a day, but he does do drive-by kisses and those are charming and sweet, too.

Anyway, tomorrow is Monday and I’ve got PLENTY that needs to get done. I think I’ll spend a few moments this evening making my priority list for the week. Just highlighting those things I really must get done, and then adding in the smaller things that would be nice to get done. A little organization feels like a good idea right now.

I hope your weekends have been better than mine! ❤


Did you know that I’m a Sephora junkie?

I just love it. I have the app on my phone and I check it daily for what’s new, what’s hot, and to look at new nail polish colors. It’s just one of those things I guess. I love butter and makeup.

Because I’m a junkie though, it’s rare that I find a brand of anything makeup related where I say – OK, that’s it. I’ll never buy another brand again!

But it’s happened, and here are my faves, in case you have some holiday shopping to do for someone who loves makeup. Or, for me?

1. Bare Minerals Pressed Eye Shadows. They are the creamiest, most pigmented, and most easily blendable shadows I’ve ever tried. They beat pants off Chanel quads, and are half the price. Try this special edition palette for the holidays!

The Star Treatment

The Star Treatment


2. Bobbi Brown Foundation. I love lots of things Bobbi, but the liquid foundation is the best. It’s creamy, long-lasting, and comes in colors that aren’t based on pink. It’s very natural and also looks great in pictures.

Long Wear Even Finish Foundation

Long Wear Even Finish Foundation


Benefit’s High Beam lumanizer. I love this stuff. A few dots above the cheekbone and on the brow polish any look.




I think those are my top three. Everything else is always up for a change. If you’re a makeup girl, what are your top threes?

Have a great weekend!


We really packed it in this weekend!

On Friday, this guy…


Took his first steps AND learned how to mash food into that mess of hair he has. We’re pretty excited about the walking thing – though he’s pretty underwhelmed. He’s kinda like, big deal! did you know bugs were edible?

So we had our fancy night out…




It was a lot of fun! We went to this event last year, when I was pretty much 9 months pregnant. Everyone remembered me sitting on a chaise lounge eating a plate of dessert that was propped up on my belly. Except for those people who didn’t recognize me because I’m clearly half a person smaller. I have to say that I did enjoy that. 🙂

I went with a smokey eye.



And since I went heavy on the eyes, I just did a nude lip gloss (Nars Orgasm lip gloss, my fave!)

On Saturday, we went to Eli’s buddy’s first birthday party. I took not one picture, because I was too busy enjoying gin and tonics made with a homemade tonic syrup infused with allspice berries. WOW.



Eli “colored.”


Stinkbugs invaded.


And I drank coffee.


Suffice to say, this weekend Hubs and I hit the “indulge” button quite a few times. I’m really happy to be back to eating normally now. Both of us are. It’s fun to indulge every now and then, but I always wind up asking myself the next morning – was it really worth it? I mean, the Gin and Tonics were totally worth it. Totally. But we all know when you drink alcohol, your ideas surrounding a “good meal” kind of shift.

All in all, a pretty good weekend.

Now, I have a few days to prepare myself for my first solo venture in a LONG time. No hubs. No Eli.

What will I do?


Guys, I’m going to an event tonight. Eli isn’t coming, I’m wearing heels, and Hubs is wearing a tux.

It’s like old times!

While I’m pretty darn excited to be fitting into one of my old “black tie” dresses tonight, I’m even more excited to do my makeup. I looooove makeup. Back in high school when Sephora first opened, I thought I was going to just DIE. I asked them every visit – when are you guys getting a frequent buyer rewards card?! And finally they did. And I am a proud, card carrying V.I.B.!


Anyway, love makeup. Love playing with different looks. Compulsive buyer of makeup. I did my cousin’s makeup for her wedding and I did my own makeup for our wedding as well.

And it actually lasted through tropical weather and shenanigans like this:

I love trying out new looks.

It’s just a lot of fun for me.

However, since Eli came around, there’s not a whole lot of time to devote to tinkering around with makeup. I consider it a fancy day if I even out my complexion AND put some eyeliner on. That’s why I’m pretty excited to take some time today to glam it up a little.

If you’re into makeup at all, I’d highly recommend checking out PixieWoo. They are a sister makeup team out of the UK with a YouTube channel and their tutorials are awesome. It’s an added bonus that they are gorgeous and speak with the most luscious accents. It’s a good time.

I’ll be sure to let you know what “look” I decided to go with tonight. I’m sure you’re waiting with baited breath 🙂

Any plans for this Friday, peeps?

So, it’s kind of a disaster, but I’m posting it anyway. Hopefully I’ll get better at this as I go along.

I’ve decided to bless you with a quick 5 minute makeup tutorial, basically what I do in the morning when I want to look halfway decent.


5 Minute Face

Products used:

Miracle Skin Transformer in Dark 

Bare Minerals Eye Quad in Truth 

Mary Lou-manizer by TheBalm

MAC Studio Fix in NC 42

Buxom Big n Healthy Lip Gloss