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Because over here, something had to give.

Part of my learning in school is inward facing – that is, focused right at me. I’m so quick to be all, Omg, Eli never sleeps, I’m so busy, I can’t keep my house clean, I can’t get dressed, the only thing I can do is make my green juice in the morning! And I’m sure you’ve thought it (or someone around me has) and I love you for not just saying it to me (whoever you are) but yes, I’m aware:

I’m not the first person to have a baby. 

But I might as well be.

At least he’s cute.


It occurred to me though, over the past few weeks, that I probably spend a little too much time staring blankly into the black hole that is Facebook. How? I mean, I’m so flippin’ busy, how in the world do I have time to zone out? It was a good question, and I already know the answer. Which is also the answer to why my house is a wreck, I’m haven’t showered, and my to-do list is snaking its way around my neck. I zone out during the ONE time in the day I could actually get something done.

Granted, sometimes I just need to. Zone out, that is. Otherwise I might become Psycho Mommy and do something… Psychotic. But there’s no earthly reason why I can’t get this ship in shape and I’ve taken some steps to get it done.


I found this program called Evernote. I’m probably the second to last person to find it. But I decided to take the first hour of Eli’s morning nap every day and turn that into my “chore hour.” By using this system and making a fashionable table with check off boxes on Evernote, I should, for all intents and purposes, be able to have a pretty decently clean house. I’ve also organized all of my school “to-do’s” by the week, and have penciled them in according to how long they take.

Today is my first day. It’s Tuesday so I’m already behind. But, as I so proudly jotted down in Evernote…

Today in 38 minutes I:

  • Listened to a lecture
  • Cleaned the kitchen
  • Created a new organization system for the mail
  • Tidied family room
  • Put sheets in the laundry
  • Organized laundry area

I won’t be making a habit of listening to lectures while doing twenty other things, but I feel pretty darn good. I’m excited.

So, either this means I’m going to be super awesome, or I’ll just be making hundreds of lists daily. With check off boxes. We’ll see.

Are you guys organized? What do you do to make sure you stay on track?

Do you use Evernote? and if so… Are you also obsessed?


Something I’m very good at doing is making messes. Just ask my husband. When he came home to this:

He thought he’d walked into someone else’s kitchen.

Let me back track though.

Ever since I can remember, my physical space has always mirrored my mental state. If I’m in a frazzled mood, you can pretty much see it all around me in the form of dishes everywhere, clothes on the floor, random containers on the counter, etc. And it’s been an unfortunate thing for me, because when I am frazzled, a messy environment makes me feel worse. You can probably imagine the downward spiral that I’ve found myself in more than once.

The thing is, I have always wanted to be neat and organized, to have a home that was always ready for someone to stop by, to have that sense of peace and order. That’s probably one of the reasons I was so drawn to my husband, because he is the epitome of neat and tidy. In his drawers, all of the undershirts are folded the same way, facing the same direction (unless I put them in there…); he puts things away as he cooks so there’s never a huge mess, and he’s not able to relax with a sink full of anything. I admire this about him and have always (secretly) wanted to be more like him.

I’m realizing though, that for me it’s more than just wishing or wanting – it’s a whole life process change. Now that I’m running around after Eli, I don’t have time to also be running around after myself. There’s less time to be messy, but of course, also less time for cleaning.

What’s a girl to do?


I looked at my kitchen countertop yesterday. I had all of this on it:

  • Vitamix blender
  • Juicer
  • Food steamer
  • Cuisinart mixer
  • 2 coffee makers
  • spice rack
  • dish drying rack
  • cannister of baby formula
  • a plethora of bottles and accessories
  • two tier fruit basket
  • another fruit basket with odds and ends in it
  • 3 non-dairy creamer cannisters (which I don’t even use…)
  • unopened mail

So, yes – I do have a very large kitchen counter space. But even so, it was kind of ridiculous. And it wasn’t aesthetically pleasing either. It was frenzied. Here’s what I did.

  1. Identify the hot items. These are the things that I use daily. So that was easy – bottles, drying rack, vita mix, juicer, steamer, coffee maker.
  2. Remove everything that is not hot. As much as I love my cuisinart stand mixer, I think the last time I used it was last Christmas. So I put it up in the pantry, along with anything else I didn’t use daily.
  3. Create a home for daily use items that is NOT on the countertop. The juicer and the vitamix got their own cabinet within easy reach of the countertop. The steamer and coffeemakers stayed where they are, because they are fine. Only fruit in the fruit basket. Baby formula goes in the pantry. And I got this cutie for my bottles:

Now my kitchen has more of flow to it, and I feel really proud of it. When I came downstairs this morning, I felt good. As I drank my morning water + lemon, I felt relaxed. Clearing space is nice.

The trick is keeping it that way, eh? I’ll be doing my best.

What are some ways that you clear space in your life? Do you find that a clear space = tranquility?