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Christmas is fast approaching. The malls are complete mayhem. I got a nasty cold, compliments of visiting the kiddy playpen, I’m sure. And Hubs is out of town until Wednesday night.

I’ve been staying far away from the news for the most part. All I needed to hear was what happened; after that, I knew that retelling this tragedy over and over again was not only hurtful, but completely unnecessary. I’m not a person who gets overly wrapped up in debates on gun control, the role of government, or any hot button topics. I never have been. But I’m very scared right now, because in a few years, Eli will be going to school. All I can think about is losing him to something so tragic and completely unthinkable. I’m scared as only a parent, a mother can be scared, and I think part of it is selfish. I don’t know how I would react or feel if I lost my baby. But I do know it would completely and forever darken my life in a way that I shouldn’t understand, because it is too awful. Last night when President Obama was speaking to the Sandy Hook community, and he began to read the names of the children… It just really finally hit me. I kept thinking: that’s too many names. 

So, like everyone else this weekend, I held my family close to me. I’m enjoying every little detail of the monotonous, not-worth-reporting minutiae, because this is actually the stuff that is important. Eli is running around the family room right now singing, “Baby, bahbee, baby, bebe, baba,” (all of his favorite words) and I can only feel grateful and so happy to be here with him.


Between being sick and preparing for our Christmas trip to Connecticut on Saturday, this week will no doubt prove to kick my butt, so if I don’t check in before then, I just want to wish you and your family a safe, warm, loving, and thankful holiday, however you celebrate.

And, if you’ve been glued to the news, hearing nothing but sadness all weekend, take a break to enjoy your family.

Perhaps take a look at this, which definitely brightened my spirits.

Much love to you all!



Hi people. What do you think of the makeover? I have been messing around on Best Mama and thought I’d hit this site too, while I was at it. Hubs says: there’s wine on the header, that makes sense. 

It does.

If you’re on the hunt for some good stocking stuffers, I have run across a few things lately that would be perfect (read: cheap!) for the stocking, and are actually kind of awesome.


First, this. If your stocking can’t accommodate a bottle of wine, I would consider upgrading.


Smoking Loon 2010 Cab. It’s really good. And it was $8.99 a bottle. I was like, omg Hubs, let’s go buy ten! And he was like, Okay. Are we still pretending that your wine problem is a wine solution? 

It’s the holidays!

Also, this.

It’s called the Precision Pore Cleansing Pad. It’s from Sephora (big surprise!) and it’s $5. I cannot say enough about this weird little piece of plastic. You just put a little of your cleanser on it, and massage/cleanse your face. It really does leave your skin so soft and gets those pores clean.

In other news, we finally put pictures up in our house. We moved here in October of 2010. I’m really not kidding.

Big thanks to my dad for taking the pictures, printing and mounting the pictures, and then UPSing them to us.

Wow, aren’t we awesome?


We love our picture wall! It’s made such a big difference in making it look like specific people live in this house. As opposed to just, random people with a crapload of toys and bottles.

Well, I’ve got a test to study for. I probably need to block myself from Facebook for a few hours.


Oh my gosh, good morning!

Look at my sock bun.


Please ignore the messy mess of my house. Sometimes I have to focus on other things. Like my hair. And a delicious cup of coffee.

Anyway, I’m obsessed with sock buns. If you didn’t catch the link I posted a few days ago, here you go again:


I feel like it’s changed my life a little. I mean, here we are going on three days of no hair washing(gross?), and I actually look PUT TOGETHER. It’s amazing. And all it took was a little sock. If you haven’t tried it yet, please do. And try to use a sock that is as close to your hair color as possible. Although I can imagine a Christmas themed sock could be interesting.

Let’s see, what else…

My mommas and I had a girl’s “afternoon”:


Don’t we look cute?

The boys stayed behind and babysat the spawns, while the ladies hit the town. Hard, I might add. It was epic greatness.

For those of you (Hi Patty!) who asked about a makeup tutorial, I am working on it. I’m having challenges in the technical department, because I’ve yet to figure out the best way to iPad videotape myself, AND I can’t stand looking at myself or listening to myself in live action. So. We’ll see. But I am going to do it. And before Christmas, for sure.

I can’t believe it’s just Wednesday. It truly feels like the week should be ending already.

How are your holiday plans going? I haven’t even started thinking about Christmas shopping and we don’t have a tree up either. We are so the opposite of festive this year! And since we are going to be in CT for the holidays, I don’t know, I just feel kind of lazy about it.