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Good morning!

Today is the official halfway point of Whole30! Go us 🙂

I’m really just excited to get some wine and buttah back in my life. Everything else can probably stay as it is for the most part.

A few things:


Me: ??!! (And complementary hand gestures)

Hubs: Oh, I forgot to undo my handiwork.

Me: But… why?

Hubs: It’s an iPod dock and speakers.

Me: I know, but why? Don’t you have earphones?

Hubs: Not close to me at the time.

Me: You wanted Eli to listen to music too, huh.

Hubs: Yes.

And so, my husband and son apparently went for a jog with an iPod speaker snap-tagged to the stroller.


The remarkable thing about this photo is not my choice of socks. Eli and I went for a run! Well, OK, we went for a “jog” that’s probably closer to Hubs’ “fast walk” but the point is, I got my boogy on and that rarely happens. I even broke a sweat. I credit the lack of booze. It’s messing with my brain.


Could you just die over the cuteness that is the long sleeve, long pant romper? O M G. I probably took seventeen gazillion pictures of him yesterday. Sorry if you’re FB friends with me. More sorry if you’re Instagram friends with me.


This lunch was epic and so colorful. I think I have to share it with you!

  • 1-2 C. lettuce of choice
  • 1/2 avocado, chopped
  • 1 Sweet red pepper, chopped
  • handful of black seedless grapes, chopped (it’s a little weird to chop grapes, but do it anyway so you get a little piece of grape in every bite! Also tip: if you buy black grapes, choice the darkest you can find. Those are the sweetest)
  • Citrus vinaigrette: 1 part citrus (fresh lemon, orange, mix of both, whatever!) to 2 parts olive oil. Whisk in a little dijon mustard. Add salt and pepper.

Toss it all together and enjoy!


You didn’t think you were getting away with just one picture, did you?

Plus, Eli wants you to see how his momma needs to stop pulling tags off and just use scissors already. HOW EMBARRASSING.


Finally, I’m not too cold for a smoothie this morning!

It was the usual suspects:

  • baby spinach
  • almond milk
  • 2 dates, pitted
  • frozen berry medley
  • 1/2 scoop vanilla sun warrior
  • ice

Let the Vita Mix whirl!

Yummy. It’s been a while since I added protein powder to my smoothies. Sun Warrior is good, but I find it’s important to add enough ice — that cuts the slightly chalky taste. I’ve been using dates as my sweetener, ever since I got the Vita (because it can pulverize ’em) and I’m really happy with that. They are more than sweet enough and add a lot of very good things in addition to that. This morning’s smoothie was definitely a keeper.

Hubs is back in town, although not yet home — he has a few meetings to attend — but I like knowing he’s close by! Today, as you may know, is the day of my LAST FINAL EVER. I’m very excited. But also a bit nervous. I’ve never felt so unprepared for an exam in my life, nor have I studied this hard for one. The plan for today is to continue with more of what I did yesterday: copious note-taking, watching How The Earth Was Made, and completing as many little sample quizzes online as I can. I have to leave here no later than 4PM, so that roughly gives me about 4.5 hours left of cramming. Boy, will I be relieved when this is over and I no longer I have memorize stuff like this:

Jeez Louise.

Before I leave you go to back to my rocky world, I wanted to bring your attention to the Simply Exercise tab at the top of the page. I’ve posted a month long workout there, which I’ll be starting on Friday. I plan to update you with my progress on that page. I did a little research on myself and discovered that the one and only time I had gotten the weight down and was actually toning up, was back in 2005 when I started working out with Hubs (who was Boyfriend at that time). He taught how to use the weight room in my gym, a place I would normally only walk through, at a quick pace, on my way to the cardio section. Anyway, I used to love pumpin’ a little iron, and I remember that I was getting really strong and fit too, I was almost into a size 4! The proof is in the pants, my friends. So, it’s time to get back on that. It’s universally accepted that a little strength training does the body good. I’m committing myself to this one month plan, and after that, we shall see!

Have a wonderful Thursday — I sure will be, after 7:30PM!