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Omelettes are so good.

Some fear the flip.

But fear not.

I got you.

First, begin with two eggs.

Beat them within an inch of their lives. With a whisk. Don’t you dare use a fork. Don’t stop until you’re a little out of breath.

I’m serious. Ask anyone who’s seen me make eggs.


Put a large pat of butter in a non-stick pan, turn the heat to medium. Count to ten. Pour.


That’s butter in that pan. Eggs adore butter. As do I. If you ever made a bad omelette, perhaps you did not use butter.


Let the egg “set” for a few minutes. The edges should start to look done. A gentle touch with the spatula should confirm. Because of your delicious butter, the egg should be able to slide around the pan without sticking.

With your spatula (if you have a plastic-ended one, use that. A metal one will scratch your non-stick pan and break your omelette very easily) gently and with confidence, flip your omelette over.


It should look like this.

Now, add your toppings.


Then gently fold over the omelette.


Let cook on this side for a few moments, then flip and let cook on the other side. Your cheese should be bubbly. Just watch out for burning those eggs. Burnt eggs are just gross. Even with butter.

Now, slide your gorgeous, fluffy, buttery omelette onto your plate. Decorate it.


And eat!


Some tips:

  • Use a small pan.
  • Seriously, don’t skimp on the butter.
  • Make sure your eggs are beaten up thoroughly.
  • Keep your heat medium to low. It’s better to cook slowly than to burn quickly.

Omelettes are so good. And if you practice a bit, you’ll become a pro. Then you can start flipping with the pan instead of the spatula. Sometimes I do. But no one’s watching besides the animals and Eli – and they are never impressed. Unless I miss and it falls on the floor, of course.

Hope you all have a wonderful Thursday! I’m excited because my husband is finally gracing me with his presence after being gone ALL WEEK LONG. I don’t know who he thinks he is. 🙂




I had almond pulp. It felt soft and smushy, like cookie dough. I felt inspired.

There were several things I know led to the ultimate failure of these very cute little cookies. 1) I forgot to pit the dates when I blended them into my almond milk. 2)Almond pulp + ground up date pits + shredded coconut needed something else to help it become moist and bind. 3) I shouldn’t bake.

But don’t worry.

I didn’t waste the chocolate.

Any of you had success with doing something edible with your almond pulp?

Yesterday did have a few yummy interludes.

Probably one of the best omelettes I’ve ever made. Gooey, rich, goat cheese. Fresh, sweet tomatoes. A schmear of salty, savory basil pesto. And of course those buttery, pillow-soft eggs. Ugh. I’ll be doing this again in just about an hour. Can’t wait.

More pickles, which are simply the best snacks ever. This time I used white vinegar and like them even more. They taste more like dill pickles. But better.

Are you wondering how to make your own almond milk? I’ll refer you to my friend, Megan over at Detoxinista.

Just remember to pit your dates.