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Happy Cyber Monday!

I’ve never taken part in any of the Black Friday madness or Cyber Monday festivities, but seeing as online is my preferred way to shop and I still have a partial Amazon gift card burning in my virtual bank account… I may check out the goods today!

More importantly though, we are home. All three of us had delightful colds while we were in Atlanta, and we are still pushing through them. Obviously air travel, sleeping in different beds, and a drastic menu change for four days did not help to stifle the sniffles.


I’m truly thrilled to start this Monday with my green juice. I’m sure my body is like, WHOA, live enzymes? Vitamins? For ME? Poor body. I also added a spoonful of melted coconut oil to the juice, which was a bland but doable blend of apple, celery, ginger, lemon, and a handful of baby spinach. The coconut oil really gets things moving through your system, if you know what I mean – which I discovered last Tuesday when I tried it for the first time.

Hubs and I are starting a quickie round of Whole30™ today to cleanse our bodies between holidays. We are actually kind of excited about it, which should tell you something about how we ate last week! The only difference from last time is I won’t be Xing out the butter or occasional raw dairy. There’s a couple reasons for that.

First – I love butter.

Second – I put my first order in for a farm share two weeks ago, and included is a nice pint of raw heavy cream. That’s not going to go to waste, people!

So, there.

About the farm share – I’m ridiculously excited about it. I recently devoured Nourishing Traditions by Sally Fallon, and then heard her lecture in school, and I’ve been struck by how much sense she makes, and how well this new cog of information fits into what I want to be doing for my family. I was fortunate enough to meet someone who invited me to be a member of a farm share in Pennsylvania, that operates by the Nourishing Traditions guidelines. They even ferment vegetables, make pure mayonaise, ketchup, and soaked/sprouted fresh bread. As I’m not ready yet to tackle fermentation or bread making, this felt like a pure gold baby. I’m beyond excited to start Eli on raw milk – I’ve ordered cow and goat. He’s been thriving on goat milk since he turned 1, but I can only find lightly pasteurized here in MD.

Speaking of, time to tend to my mittles!

He’s done with his bottle now. 🙂


Have a great Monday – and if you’re shopping, may the deals pour their love upon you!



So, we made it through week 1 of the Whole30 challenge, which logic and others tell me is the hardest part.

  • Days 1-4 were the most difficult sugar-wise. I am was a total wreck. I heard things incorrectly, had trouble with cognitive thought, and as evidenced by my blog posts on those days, probably should not have even tried to communicate through writing.
  • Food-wise, it hasn’t been difficult. I’ve been cooking up a storm and that’s been cool.
  • I ate way too many dates on days 1-4, but perhaps that’s what I needed to do. I find myself “over” the dates, so that’s a nice surprise.

Appetite wise, I find myself eating less. I’m simply not as hungry. I have noticed this with Hubs too, because he’s usually a very hearty eater, so I portion him that way, and these days he’s been leaving some food on the plate (but not the veggies!) In the past two days, I’ve felt a sort of control come over me that I’ve been feeling in varying degrees over the past few months with regard to food. I am in control of the food and not the other way around. I think that the past seven days have really amplified that feeling, and given me the kind of will-power I never had through all my years of dieting. While one can argue that I’m on a very restrictive eating plan right now, it honestly doesn’t feel like it to me. It feels refreshing at this point and I’m exciting to see what this week brings in terms of the way my body feels and works.


In other news, that’s my little guy standing up all by himself. The second he realized he was doing that, he sat down. He’s also learned how to navigate the stairs, which Hubs and I learned this weekend when we suddenly realized our son was nowhere to be found. The little bugger had decided to go up two flights of stairs to his bedroom, to mess with his diaper stash. I don’t think I need to emphasize how much I freaked out. Even now, every time I go upstairs, I think about how he could have died. We now have a gate at the bottom of the stairs, needless to say.

I swear, this kid is on a mission to see how many different ways he can attempt to kill himself.

I’m off to get some school work done. I hope you are all having a great Tuesday!



Good morning!

First, I’d like to take a moment to swoon over this:

I was holding my breath a lot during the first quarter, but BOY am I glad Peyton is back. Now I can enjoy football again!

In other news, this is now day 7, the end of week 1 of Whole30. I’ve been cooking a lot. More than usual, I suppose, because eating out has the likelihood of being a total fiasco – plus, if I can’t have a glass or two of wine, what’s the point of going out?!

Football Sunday without beer or some interesting cocktail seemed a bit sacrilegious around here, but thankfully, we had extreme chili success. We ate ours with sweet potato chips. It was divine. Go ahead, try it! I’m definitely going to be buying her book, Well Fed. Between the Sunshine Sauce and the Chili, I’m sold!


I also stumbled upon my new favorite way to eat sweet potato, and they are delicious with eggs as they are with a salad.

Sweet & Salty Potato Hash

2 Servings

  • 1 Japanese Sweet Potato (you can use any, but I definitely prefer the JSP in this dish, the texture is perfect)
  • 2 strips bacon
  • 1 tbsp thai basil or basil (dried)
  • 1/8 – 1/4 cup coconut milk
  • Salt to taste

First, peel your potato.


This is what a Japanese Sweet Potato looks like, from the outside.

Carefully cut into slices of uniform thickness, then make piles as so

Then, carefully slice across horizontally, then vertically, so you have little cubes. This is just how I do it, and I feel it minimizes finger loss for me. Sweet potatoes are difficult to cut when they are raw, so please be careful and watch those piggies.


You’ll have a pile of cubes when you’re done.

Cut your bacon. Cutting bacon is possibly the most annoying thing ever, but remember, the small the pieces, the more evenly distributed throughout your potato hash.

Add your bacon to a skillet on medium heat.



As it begins to cook up, add your basil and stir it around a bit.


Add your potatoes and stir it up so the basil + bacon love gets equal attention from all potatoes.

Add your coconut milk


It should get all bubbly, if not, raise the heat a bit.

The coconut milk will absorb into your potatoes, and will create a shiny glaze on them as they cook. No need to constantly stir. What I like to do is let the potatoes stay on one side for a few minutes, then attempt to flip them to the other side. This way they get nice and browned.


That’s what they look like when they are glazy. Trust me, this coconut milk thing is magic.

Cook until your potatoes are nice and browned and crispy on the outside, and soft and sweet on the inside. Add some salt if you like.

Can you even ?


It’s definitely yummy like this.

Or any way, really.


I hope you enjoy!


Have a great Monday guys!



So, it’s Day 2 of the Whole30 Challenge over here. A few things come to mind.

  1. Hubs and I really enjoy our evening glass (…or two…) of wine. It’s kind of our routine. He’ll come home, take Eli upstairs while he gets comfy, I’ll pour us a couple glasses, and we’ll go for a walk around the pond with kiddo and Sammy. We’ll sip our vino, talk about our days, unwind. Clearly,all of this can still be done sans wine. It’s just interesting to me how a beverage triggers such a pleasant “relax” response.
  2. The sugar thing is more serious than I realized. I knew that the whole sweetened condensed milk in the coffee thing was just a disaster waiting to happen. I clearly remember telling myself: once this can is done, IT IS DONE. And lo and behold, find myself two days later putting three cans of it in the cart. Now I crave that intensely sweet and creamy coffee taste. Around this time of the morning. I’m experimenting with different teas, because I don’t truly care for the intense flavor of coffee sans sweetener and I’m not sure that I need to condition myself to like it either. Better to get into tea, right? I was fighting the whole no Stevia thing, because if I could have my Stevia, none of this would matter. But I understand the logic behind it, no matter how many times I ask WHY. I need to save myself from the sweet monster!

Otherwise, it’s all fine. Yes, I miss my butter. But that’s not a big deal. I had a delicious breakfast:


Steamed japanese sweet potato topped with a fried egg, sweet peppers, and a little Sunshine Sauce. So good!

I spent much of yesterday prepping food, which means that I spend less time throwing meals together.


Since I’m also sending Hubs to work with lunch, it’s essential to have things I can easily throw into a lunchbox for him. It also makes it more likely that I’ll add veggies to eggs in the morning and have more than one veggie in a salad.

I’m not feeling very “into” the animal protein right now, besides the occasional Chorizo and eggs, so I’ve been upping fullness factor in my meals by adding the sweet potatoes and the delicious Sunshine Sauce, which has both coconut milk and sunflower seed butter. I definitely feel satiated food-wise, so that’s a good thing.

In other news…


Eli celebrated his 10th month (Monday) with two busted lips. It was our first experience with some serious blood and pain, and let me tell you, I’m NOT a fan. Luckily, Apples and Bananas also works for busted lips, and I was able to help his swelling by giving him a bottle with a little icewater that he would suck on for a few minutes.

But yesterday he busted his lip AGAIN! He’s got me so on edge. He’s basically sitting, normally, and then will get excited and start to crawl wherever, but too fast, and just face plant. Hard. It’s difficult to stay on top of that, since you’d imagine sitting would be a somewhat safe activity.


We did get some cuddle time though.


My baby boy has not napped on me or fallen asleep on me for so many months now, I can’t even remember. He was an infant the last time he did it. Yesterday, he listened to some Baby Beluga on my lap, then turned to me for an actual snuggle. I just about died. Despite the fact that I use both of his nap times to get ANYTHING done in this place, I let the kitchen, school, dinner, hang tight, because there is just nothing as heart-melting as cuddling with my boo. I wish he would do more often. He napped on me for an hour. Totally worth the crick in my neck 🙂

Anyway, I’m off to do my thing. I hope you all have a great hump day!


Why hello, and welcome to this glorious Labor Day Weekend. What, you may ask, does this Momma DO on such a glorious holiday three day palooza?

Clearly, I wake up early as per usual, and dream up ways to be mean to myself.

Well, no. Not exactly mean. But mean.

None of this:


And none of this:


And even if you just scroll through the pictures on this blog without reading my incredibly entertaining explanations… You know I do a lot of those.

It’s not because I think I have a problem. It’s more than that. I’m interested in finding out, once and for all, what foods make me feel gross and what  foods don’t. I’d also like to see if there’s an energy boost to be found by removing body clogging and inflammatory things. I’m thinking yes, but I want to find out for myself.

So I’m doing this:


No, I’m not joining Crossfit or going Paleo forever. Good grains, legumes, and Stevia are all coming back as far as I can see. But it’s honestly not a huge leap from how we’re currently eating. The only change is the booze and the flippin’ sweetened condensed milk in my coffee. Which has become an addiction. A lover. A friend. And probably the reason why my pants are always just a TAD too tight these days. I mean, just the fact that I didn’t want to do this challenge BECAUSE of the coffee with the sweetened condensed milk, told me I just had to. Because What the Flip, right? Seriously, Sarah?

And the wine. But I’ve had a lot of wine. But I love wine.

My friends are already threatening to leave me.

Anyway, here’s how it is going down. We’ll start Tuesday, because what sort of masochist starts an elimination diet on a holiday weekend? Not Me!


So Tuesday, Hubs and I will weigh and measure ourselves, and I’ll cry over the loss of my morning lover. Hopefully nothing crazy happens. Can’t promise.

We’ll measure and weigh again after 30 days. And you can follow along with my daily eats on Instagram – I won’t clog up Twitter and Facebook with that. I’ll be sure to whine and moan about how much I miss my sugar and wine on the blog though. Count on it.

And we’ll see!

I’m actually kind of excited. I’ve got a cute outfit that’s a little too tight, and the beginning of October will be the PERFECT time to whip it out.


Any awesome plans for this weekend? Any September cleansing ideas?

Any interest in joining me? 🙂