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A warm, smooshy welcome back to these guys:


Coconut milk in coffee works. It really does. But I missed my creamer.

And butter.

Oh, butter.

Ghee is not butter.

So, we survived. Actually, we did more than survive, we thrived on the Whole30 plan. For me personally:

  • Digestion improved seriously. My tummy was never really bloated.
  • I felt “lighter” somehow. Never bogged down after eating.
  • Throughout the entire 30 days I did have moments of lightheadedness. They passed quickly.
  • My appetite reduced a bit; I was never hungry in between meals.
  • Not sure that my sweet tooth really went away. I will say that my cravings for sweets stopped raging, but I did miss my chocolate.
  • No cravings for things like bread and pasta at all.

In terms of results, I lost 6 lbs. Mind you, I had gained 5 lbs over the course of our Sonoma vacation and the days after it, where we continued to be little piggies. So number wise, this puts me about where I was before.

However, I lost 2 inches from my belly and 1 inch from my waist. I can definitely see my love handle area has smoothed out and I’m loose in my pants. So my pants are a loose 6 now, but I’m not quite ready to squeeze into 4s.

I sucked it up and here is a picture. I know I love before and afters.


The thing about my body now, is my belly is such a bowl of jelly. That’s what happens when you grow an 8 lb baby in there, gain 60 lbs and then lose it all in a relatively short period of time. It’s just sadness sometimes. But, it’s progressively getting better. And that’s something to be happy about!

Was it hard?

It wasn’t hard. The biggest challenge for me was the fact that we couldn’t drink. In social situations, I suck at sipping on club soda. That’s just how it is! But I stayed strong and I’m glad for it.

Cooking increased quite a bit for me, as I am now making meals for myself, Eli and Hubs, in addition to lunches for hubs to take to work. Mostly. This simply takes a little planning and some momentum. In the swing of things, it’s no big deal. A couple days away, and it’s a small mountain climb up, but I get there eventually.

In the past, I’ve always preferred eating out to eating in. That’s changed in a big way for me. I love preparing our meals, knowing exactly what’s going into them, and seeing the results that simple, real, nourishing food gives you.


Hubs did great. I was really impressed with him, especially because he had to travel a lot and go to functions where there was free wine. He really stuck to his guns and it paid off! As of this morning, he’s down 9 lbs in those 30 days. His pants are super loose. He’s happy!

Now what? 

Well, clearly, butter and cream are back for me.

Both of us are bringing back wine, but not spirits, and we aren’t going to be knocking back a bottle every night either. I think Hubs has some thing going on where he’s only going to let himself have a glass or two if he’s worked out that day. For me, I’ll just try to be moderate. Like, no day drinking. 🙂 Just kidding. Sort of.

I’ll continue to make our meals at home using the Whole30 guidelines for the most part. It’s healthy and after 30 days, I’ve got it down pat. This way, 90% if not more of our food will be awesome; that allows for the occasional not so great thing.

As far as sugar goes, I’m not going to be putting sweetened condensed milk back into the rotation, I promise you! Just the thought sounds kind of gross now. I am liking Coconut crystals, as they are not highly processed and contain a good amount of vitamins and minerals – and taste good. I think I’ll be sticking with that and Stevia, when needed.

And so

In conclusion, this was a great 30 days for us. I could see doing this annually as a way to “reset” yourself and clean out any bad habits that have built up over the year.

We’ll be continuing as I said, with the few modifications. Hubs still has about 20 lbs he’d like to shed, and like I’ve said before, I’d love to lose about 7-8 lbs myself. Not a huge rush though.

If you have any questions about the Whole30 program or weightloss in general, throw ’em at me!

We’re leaving town again this weekend to visit family in CT. So, you know how it goes with me, traveling and blogging… 🙂


A post will be coming at you with a FABULOUS recipe though. Tomorrow morning!



Happy Sunday!

Like I said, we went to Pennsylvania Thursday and Friday, and Friday evening came home to my sis and her puppy visiting. It’s been a whirlwind few days! Let’s see if I can recap the fun stuff for ya.


Hotel room bottle washing. Can opener included for weight. Always a good time.


Apples, cashew butter, and Sammy. Who desperately needs a haircut.

This Guava Go Crib = best baby money we’ve spent since the Ergo carrier. I don’t randomly plug products on here, but this has changed the game for us. It is inflatable, packs into a light little backpack and includes a pump. I can inflate it and have it nap ready is under 3 minutes. And it’s so sturdy! Having used various Pack N Plays while traveling, I can tell you Eli finds this MUCH comfier. And if you’ve ever traveled with a Pack N Play… Well, a 5 lb backpack is a dreamboat.


Sammy roughing it.


Eli also roughing it.


Eli “helping.”


My boys looking gorg.

It’s been a minute since I’ve traveled with Eli. I think I was traumatized from the last time, which I think was Atlanta, where he really didn’t sleep at all. Sleeping is important. For all. He was really great though. I was able to get him his morning nap both days, and he was a total champ on Thursday when we went from house to house, in and out of the carseat, straight through his nap time. And he slept decently in the hotel too. I really appreciated it.

Funny story – I loved being at the hotel. While Eli napped in the other room, I had no kitchen to clean, no endless to-do list to get done, no NOTHING. I didn’t even blog, people. I relaxed for a hot minute, and it was amazing. Sammy is a bit of a spazz at hotels, but other than that, it was so restful. I even managed to grocery shop and prepare us a nice dinner Thursday night. No drive-thru for these peeps!

Speaking of food… What day is it anyway? Day 27!

We are doing it! The booze situation was a little hard this weekend, as it would have been nice to enjoy a cocktail or two with my sis, but, all is going well. I can definitely tell that Hubs has lost a lot of weight. I’m excited to see the number for him, because I’m sure it’s going to be great. He seems to be shrinking before my eyes! Personally, I don’t feel much smaller. Not bloated for sure, and have shed the Sonoma Trip weight definitely, but I don’t think anything major. We’ll see though.

I’ll be back atcha Monday! I hope you’re all having a great Sunday!



So, we made it through week 1 of the Whole30 challenge, which logic and others tell me is the hardest part.

  • Days 1-4 were the most difficult sugar-wise. I am was a total wreck. I heard things incorrectly, had trouble with cognitive thought, and as evidenced by my blog posts on those days, probably should not have even tried to communicate through writing.
  • Food-wise, it hasn’t been difficult. I’ve been cooking up a storm and that’s been cool.
  • I ate way too many dates on days 1-4, but perhaps that’s what I needed to do. I find myself “over” the dates, so that’s a nice surprise.

Appetite wise, I find myself eating less. I’m simply not as hungry. I have noticed this with Hubs too, because he’s usually a very hearty eater, so I portion him that way, and these days he’s been leaving some food on the plate (but not the veggies!) In the past two days, I’ve felt a sort of control come over me that I’ve been feeling in varying degrees over the past few months with regard to food. I am in control of the food and not the other way around. I think that the past seven days have really amplified that feeling, and given me the kind of will-power I never had through all my years of dieting. While one can argue that I’m on a very restrictive eating plan right now, it honestly doesn’t feel like it to me. It feels refreshing at this point and I’m exciting to see what this week brings in terms of the way my body feels and works.


In other news, that’s my little guy standing up all by himself. The second he realized he was doing that, he sat down. He’s also learned how to navigate the stairs, which Hubs and I learned this weekend when we suddenly realized our son was nowhere to be found. The little bugger had decided to go up two flights of stairs to his bedroom, to mess with his diaper stash. I don’t think I need to emphasize how much I freaked out. Even now, every time I go upstairs, I think about how he could have died. We now have a gate at the bottom of the stairs, needless to say.

I swear, this kid is on a mission to see how many different ways he can attempt to kill himself.

I’m off to get some school work done. I hope you are all having a great Tuesday!


So, back in the day when Hubs and I were habitual dieters (aka Start one for New Years and one when the weather started to warm) we were a lot like boxers. You know how they severely dehydrate themselves prior to “Weigh In” day, so that they are as small as possible and can fit in to their weight class? Then, on fighting day, are suddenly 10-15 lbs heavier. We did the SAME thing, except in reverse. We would eat as much crapola as possible, like, go on an all-out junk food binge, prior to our weigh in. You’d think they told us that junk food was going out of business, and booze too! Come weigh in day, we’d be so bloated and gross that we were excited to “behave”! And of course, that first week weight loss was inspirational, as it was all bloat and poor digestion.

Fun times. My metabolism surely thanks me for the Yo-yo dieting. Surely.

Well, today is the first day of our Whole30 Challenge, and somehow, I let myself fall into that old pattern. I feel so gross.

I ate fried food. Fruit tarts. Burgers with white flour buns. A flippin’ chocolate croissant for breakfast!

Wow. So you now know that even Little Miss Healthy Pants can be a total ass.


There are a few reasons why I am doing the Whole30 Challenge, apart from supporting Hubs.

  • Unhealthy habits snuck into my routine – Yes, sweetened condensed milk, I’m looking at you. The daily sugar made me crave more sugar. Plain and simple.
  • My belly has been feeling bloated. Digestion has definitely slowed.
  • I still have 8 lbs I’d like to lose, and feel that a cleanse will help me get through my current plateau.
  • Curiosity over whether or not wheat is a food that negatively affects me.

So far, we’re barely halfway into Day 1. It’s not a huge deal, nor is it much different from how I have been eating. The key differences are in cooking processes – no butter. Which is sad for me. Along with the loss of cream. My french scrambled eggs were not the same – but still fine, with olive oil instead.

You’ll also be glad to know that I found a way to deal with the coffee.


It’s just coconut milk processed with a few medjool dates. It’s not super sweet, but the creaminess and slight sweetness gives me what I’m craving in my morning Cuppa – so no one had to die this morning.


All in all, I’m feeling good and excited. It’s been a while since I embarked on something like this, so I’m curious to see if I really react to it as a “challenge” as opposed to just something different.