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Gosh, I’ve just been the worst lately. And so has Kitty. You know I love my Kitty. He’s such a Kat. But lately he’s just been a total butt. He’s peed on the couch, and at night he has turned into a Cirque du Soleil performer and is using our bedroom as his custom pop-up tent. WHY? We had a solid two years of just, normal Kitty. Sleep on the foot of the bed or behind my head Kitty. Can we have him back? Because if I have to throw a pillow at him at 3am again, I’m just going to cry.

First – exciting news. I’ve won my very first BLOG AWARD! My dear Cyndi from Healthy A-Z nominated me for a Liebster Blog award. You’ll see the pretty badge on the sidebar. THANK YOU, Cyndi!

Now, I must answer these five questions:

  • What 3 words best describe you? Tired, random, hungry. 
  • What is your favorite clothing item? Embarrassing… My Old Navy yoga pants. 
  • If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live? St. Martin. 
  • Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give yourself as a child? Just relax and enjoy being a kid – nothing is that crucial! 
  • What is your favorite song? Right now, Poison and Wine by The Civil Wars. 

I also am to tell you 5 random things about myself. Uh Oh: 

  • All but one of my baby teeth had to be manually extracted. They were strong and not leaving. 
  • Obviously, I hate the Dentist.
  • Even though I love my baby, I still prefer dogs to babies.
  • I enjoy living in new and unfamiliar places.
  • Ethiopian food is my favorite.

And now for the fun part – I get to nominate my 5 favorite blogs for a Liebster! Drum roll?!

  1. Adventures of a Dog Mom
  2. In her Chucks 
  3. Things My Belly Likes
  4. Healthy A-Z
  5. Savor Everyday

So, for the nominees, here are the rules!

Liebster Award

  1. Add the Liebster Award image into your post or even on the side of your blog.
  2. Mention somewhere in your post that I nominated you with a link to my blog.
  3. Write down 5 random facts about yourself.
  4. Nominate 5 bloggers for this award.
  5. Make up 5 questions for your nominees to answer.
  6. Answer my questions below:
    • If you could only eat three things for the rest of your life, they would be?
    • What item of technology can you not live without?
    • What do you do to relax and unwind?
    • Why did you start blogging?
    • What is your favorite song today?

And that’s a wrap! How exciting! Thanks again.

I will be back – pinky swear – because I have a recipe for IRISH NACHOS that will rock your Superbowl Sunday. Seriously. Pinky Swear.

And here. Because I got a fancy new camera, and my subjects are adorbs.




Or perhaps, what I’ve NOT been up to. For example, updating this blog. And listening to my lectures. I’m so behind on things, and yet, when the day winds down and the baby bear is finally tucked in – all I want to do is pass out to the sweet sounds of The Big Bang Theory.

Motherhood, huh?

Let’s see what’s been up around here…

I crossed over to the dark side and made my first homemade skin balm. This was for Eli, because he has super dry skin and the doctor keeps wanting to put steroids on it. It’s a mix of beeswax and olive oil – and it’s incredible. His skin is finally softening – and so is mine! Perfect for this nasty weather.



Eli is a big boy and now chills on the couch with Sammy. ‘Scuse us.


My three free nail polishes from Zoya came, and I’m now addicted to painting my nails with them. Thanks, Kim.




I let the professionals handle my feet though. Eeps.


Kitty continues to be lazy and spoiled.



I pretended to have super short hair for a few minutes.


Hubs and I had a VERY short date lunch. But it was super fun.





So, all in all, it’s been cool around. Besides the fact that I’m so far behind on school. I do need to get a handle on that. I’m sure that I will.


How are you all doing, as we begin to close out the first month of 2013?

Are you enjoying my beet puns?

I’ve surely been enjoying my beets.

Is there anything more beautiful than beet juice? Just looking at it gives me a little pep in the morning, which I’ve really been needing lately. I can feel this cold (or whatever it is) is progressing through my system, but it’s just a real pain in the neck. Especially when I’ve got so much to do in preparation for our trip.

I’ve been eating a lot of soup.

That’s Amy’s Organic Tomato Bisque with added tofu chunks. It was actually pretty darn good.

I’ve been drinking a lot of tea.

I picked this up the other day and really like. The flavor is pleasant and it really does soothe my throat. The cute giraffe is just a bonus.

I’ve been making sure I’m getting my antioxidants.

All excellent choices, but that Vosges… Wow. Cayenne, cinnamon… it’s fabulous. A shame that I couldn’t fully taste it, but even so it was really yummy.

And yesterday, something green and leafy made a reappearance in my life.

I tried grain tempeh yesterday for the first time. It crumbled nicely, and had a bland, slightly sweet flavor. I put it in a pan with some curry seasoning and little water to help it absorb, then put it over a bed of baby spinach. Then doused it in my tahini dressing after the picture. It was great. I’m going to do it for lunch later again. I could see using this tempeh for a lot of things. Sloppy Joes, tacos, and stir fry all come to mind.

Have you all met Kitty?

We got him from the shelter in February of 2011. Best cat ever. I’ve never had a cat before so I just assumed that like most cats I’d met, he’d be very independent and aloof. But no. Kitty is a Cat-Dog. He is playful, talkative, and absolutely adores his family. He sleeps in our bed, cuddles, gives kisses, and is just an all-around mushface.

Well, I’m off to put the final touches on this house before company arrives. Have a great Wednesday!


Reader Feedback:

What’s your favorite thing to eat when you’re sick?