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Today feels like Sunday! Happy Memorial Day to you all, and if you’re in my area (DC Metro), STAY COOL. It’s not even noon and it’s scorching out there.

Hubs is still sick, so we’re still laying low. We did go to a lovely wedding last night, and I enjoyed putting on some makeup and clothes that I don’t want any milk/food/spit up on.

I’ve really got to find a babysitter that I feel comfortable with and who doesn’t text me every five minutes with questions that make me wonder what’s going on over there. It was kind of difficult to relax and be normal when I’m checking my phone all the time and stressing that my baby is still up and it’s past nine o’clock. He had such a tortured look on his face when I got home, and literally passed out within five minutes of me nursing him.

Breakfast was pretty awesome this morning, especially since I got to sleep in until eight o’clock – so lovely!

Quinoa flakes cooked in water, with a drizzle of almond milk, almond butter, maple syrup, and fresh strawberries. It was so delicious. The strawberries were so sweet too!

Are you a fan of quinoa? For right now, I’m staying away from gluten because I’m not entirely sure what causes my acne besides the sugar, and I want to figure it out ASAP. The best way to figure it out is to eliminate potential irritants altogether, then bring back one, observe, etc. Quinoa flakes are super quick-cooking and yummy, and are very high in protein (18%!) in addition to being gluten free. Someone else also enjoys them:

Well, I’m off to hang with my guys. Have a fabulous day!