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I’m psycho about scrambled eggs. Possibly because they were the first thing I ever learned how to cook. I also learned my left and right from the burners on the stove. Perhaps we should have seen this food fascination coming.

Anyhow, I’ve always required the use of a bowl, a whisk, and a pan when making scrambled eggs. I’ve been known to whip out the Cuisinart to whisk up large quanities of eggs when we have many overnight guests. It’s just the way to make eggs. I can’t even eat eggs that aren’t beaten properly before they are scrambled. Or, I won’t. I just won’t!

But, things have changed.

And oh, how delicious they are.

And hey, one less bowl to clean.

French Scrambled Eggs

a recipe in pictures

Cold pan. Your eggs and a “pat” of butter.


Heat to medium.


Start whisking. I start out a bit rough with them, just to make sure we have proper egg smooshing. Then tone down your whisking to a consistent stir. Don’t stop! Lower the heat if need be.


Keep going.


You can do this. Trust me, it’s so worth it! Keep those eggs moving. You can use a wooden spoon if you want.


At this point, add a touch of cream, sour cream, or creme fraiche… Oh stop, just do it. A little fat is good for you. Trust me.

Add some fresh herbs and salt. Chives and hawaiian black salt were blissful.



Wasn’t it worth it?

They literally melt in your mouth.

I can’t even eat bacon or anything else with these eggs. Because I don’t want to. I just want to drown in them.

I would really recommend using pastured butter (butter from cows that were allowed to graze). A great brand is Kerry Gold and you can find that most places. I also recommend using eggs from free range, vegetarian fed, organic chickens. There’s a huge difference in taste and nutritionally… there is no comparison. You can normally get local eggs from your farmer’s market!

Enjoy guys. Yum yum.