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Happy Sunday!

Like I said, we went to Pennsylvania Thursday and Friday, and Friday evening came home to my sis and her puppy visiting. It’s been a whirlwind few days! Let’s see if I can recap the fun stuff for ya.


Hotel room bottle washing. Can opener included for weight. Always a good time.


Apples, cashew butter, and Sammy. Who desperately needs a haircut.

This Guava Go Crib = best baby money we’ve spent since the Ergo carrier. I don’t randomly plug products on here, but this has changed the game for us. It is inflatable, packs into a light little backpack and includes a pump. I can inflate it and have it nap ready is under 3 minutes. And it’s so sturdy! Having used various Pack N Plays while traveling, I can tell you Eli finds this MUCH comfier. And if you’ve ever traveled with a Pack N Play… Well, a 5 lb backpack is a dreamboat.


Sammy roughing it.


Eli also roughing it.


Eli “helping.”


My boys looking gorg.

It’s been a minute since I’ve traveled with Eli. I think I was traumatized from the last time, which I think was Atlanta, where he really didn’t sleep at all. Sleeping is important. For all. He was really great though. I was able to get him his morning nap both days, and he was a total champ on Thursday when we went from house to house, in and out of the carseat, straight through his nap time. And he slept decently in the hotel too. I really appreciated it.

Funny story – I loved being at the hotel. While Eli napped in the other room, I had no kitchen to clean, no endless to-do list to get done, no NOTHING. I didn’t even blog, people. I relaxed for a hot minute, and it was amazing. Sammy is a bit of a spazz at hotels, but other than that, it was so restful. I even managed to grocery shop and prepare us a nice dinner Thursday night. No drive-thru for these peeps!

Speaking of food… What day is it anyway? Day 27!

We are doing it! The booze situation was a little hard this weekend, as it would have been nice to enjoy a cocktail or two with my sis, but, all is going well. I can definitely tell that Hubs has lost a lot of weight. I’m excited to see the number for him, because I’m sure it’s going to be great. He seems to be shrinking before my eyes! Personally, I don’t feel much smaller. Not bloated for sure, and have shed the Sonoma Trip weight definitely, but I don’t think anything major. We’ll see though.

I’ll be back atcha Monday! I hope you’re all having a great Sunday!