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You know you love it!

Happy Sunday, bloggies! I have been a little shy with the camera this weekend, but I do have a few high-lights for you.

That’s right, the high lights are all food! Of course! That pizza was my very first without any cheese. I felt so…In control(?) as I ordered it too, “That’s right, NO cheese. Yes, ALL the veggies you have. Plus the onions and garlic.” Why not? Hubs is not home to cower from my dragon breath. However, next time I would change that pizza up just a little bit: No cheese, broccoli, extra eggplant, mushrooms, and spinach. The garlic was just too much, it was huge and chunky and raw, and the onions were kind of weird tasting. Not delicious. The eggplant and broccoli were amazing though, so I think that’d be my go-to pizza. I honestly did not miss the cheese.

The little pancakes… Hmm, what to say? I was trying to be creative on Saturday morning, and recalled that Heather always posts the most amazing pancake pictures, so I decided to try her recipe for Almond Flour(Extra Fluffy) Pancakes, because it seemed like I remember having almond flour and the ingredient list was very short. However, it turned out that my almond flour was actually almond meal. I also did not have club soda. The almond meal said that it could be used for 50% of the flour in a baking recipe, so I decided to roll with that. I used 1/2 cup almond meal and 1/2 cup ww pastry flour, which was also lurking in my cupboard.

However, I made one really stupid classic mistake: I decided to whip my egg whites in the Vitamix. Why not, right? It can do ANYTHING. Well, no, it actually can’t. Heather said to whip the egg whites until they form stiff peaks — not until they turn… scrambled. Yes, my friends, the Vita heats up when you let it roll, and that heat cooked my eggs. Gross.

The brownies are pretty self-explanatory. I ate them.

So it was back to the old fashioned whisk for me. Sigh.

Anyway, the pancakes were not worthy of me posting my variation, though they were edible. I’d recommend checking out Heather’s actual recipe, and going by that. 🙂

My weekend has been pretty fun! I went out twice, which is darn near historic for me, and had a blast each time. I don’t have a hangover this morning, because I figured out that if you stick with ONE drink, without sugary mixers, the next day is actually pretty OK.

Weather-wise, it’s been lovely, and I’ve gotten the pups to the park a few times, and we’ve sunned ourselves plenty. All in all, quite relaxing of a weekend. Even though I miss the Hubs.

Now, I’ve got to get into my gym clothes, clean up this casa (Hurricane Sarah came home late last night and totally made herself comfortable all over the place), hit the gym (Week two, day 2 Upper body!) and then get some groceries. Because look:

GASP. I’m almost out of my chicory coffee!!!

The horror.

Have a great Sunday, bloggies. See ya tomorrow!