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Good morning and Happy Monday. I apologize for going MIA for a minute there; this weekend I was busy playing catch up with school and spending time with my new internet boyfriend, Polyvore. If you’re Facebook or Pinterest friends with me, you already know how that relationship is going.

Due to the fact that a lot of friends and family have recently joined the Green Juice club (Yay!) and have been asking for good juice recipes, I thought I’d show you how I decide what to juice and how much of it to juice. It’s not an exact science of course, and all of it really depends on your personal taste preferences. So remember to try different combos and if you don’t like something, make a few adjustments next time and see if that fixes it.

Green Juice Equation:  1 part Dark + 2 part Water + 1 acid +1 sweet

Dark Greens include:

  • Kale (any variety, but I find the regular curly kale juices better than Lacinto)
  • Swiss Chard
  • Spinach
  • Dandelion Greens


Water Greens have a high water content:

  • Cucumber
  • Romaine hearts
  • Celery

Acid is a lemon or a lime – it will cut your “green” taste pleasantly

Sweet is a small apple or pear

Play around with your combinations until you find one what works well for you. If you make a green juice that you find extremely unpalatable – don’t you dare throw it out! Just add some water, some lemon juice, and a little liquid Stevia. It will be fine! 🙂


The juice I had this morning (above) was missing the second water green. I forgot about the cucumber.


If you’re using a Breville, that’s how I insert my veggies and fruits into it. The apple just pops right in. I love that so.

So, let’s see what else is new…


I put on my sneakers and went to the gym. I flipped out after 30 minutes POSITIVE the gym childcare provider was torturing my son. But she wasn’t. So I will go back. Most definitely.


Sammy and Kitty kept watch.


I caught the boys outside being adorable.


Oh, and I tasted a peach so delicious, it just begged to be drowned in Maker’s Mark.

You’ll have to wait another day for that recipe. I need to perfect it.

Go drink a green juice!