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Happy Saturday!

My pants:

I have several pairs of pants in several different sizes. Some haven’t fit me in years, some have never fit me, and some have only recently been rendered useless. I kind of gauge whether I’m on the heavy side or not by which pants I can fit into. The above pants are extremely cute white jeans in a size 6 petite. When I bought them they were a bit snug  (read: muffintop!)I figured these would be my first milestone pants, and hopefully after 1 month of the challenge, I’ll graduate into them! I would have taken a picture of myself IN them, but I just can’t do that you, lovely readers. I promise to take a picture once I actually get back into them, nicely.

I started the challenge yesterday, as I said I would. My nasty hangover kept me horizontal until about 4pm, but I managed to crank out a good 45 minutes on the bike and sweated out some of those toxins. When I got home. I decided I needed a super green drink to flood my system with goodness after the gross stuff I’d be eating all day. — A quiche, two cans of regular soda, chocolate covered graham crackers — yes, I’m awesome. Anyway, I basically put everything green I could find into this bad boy.

  • spinach
  • almond milk
  • spirulina
  • aloe vera chunks
  • 3 dates
  • 1 small lime
  • lots of ice

It was actually kinda good! The lime was a refreshing twist and cut the green flavors nicely. I felt much better after my workout and the green drink.

Today me and the Hubs are off to a slow and relaxing start. We’re going to compile our list of favorite houses (yay!) and then a bit later we’ll hit the gym — where I think I’ve got an upper body workout waiting for me.

Happy Weekend!