So, perfume. It comes in many different shapes, sizes, formulations, colors, and mediums; but, the end result of this product is the same, right? It’s made for us to put on ourselves to elevate our smelly-ness. You know, make us smell delicious. Less “au naturel” because Heaven forbid a whiff of human body odor escape us.

I digress. And I realize that the above statement is a little hyprocrtical, but I do wear and enjoy perfume. A lot.

What I am not digging though, are perfume commercials. I mean, what in the WORLD is the message here? If you wear this perfume, Justin Bieber will be your boyfriend? If you wear CK’s Euphoria, you’ll randomly be enveloped by silky scarves and embark on a solo sexual climax? People, it’s crazy out there in the perfume world.

I’ll admit though, I dusted off my bottle of Chanel no.5. It’s inevitable. 

Here are a few of the more ridiculous ads I’ve seen lately.

CK’s Euphoria. WTF is this?


Justin Beiber, GF. And WTF is this? This is Tween Girl warfare, that’s what.

Beyonce’s Heat. Uh Oh – I think this perfume got her preggo again.

Bleu, Chanel. Okay, he’s super hot. That’s a fact. His accent makes him even hotter. And I suspect he smells good. But WTF is even going on? COLOGNE PEOPLE!


And I’m throwing this in here because I actually really enjoy it. I love Charlize, her hips, and all of the reincarnated beauty icons of the past century. It’s pretty awesome.

J’adore, Dior.