First of all, so sorry that I disappeared. You know what it is? I’m trying to keep my kitchen super clean, and it’s literally taking up all my time. I’m doing it though. And it’s so clean. Like, come over, any time. Well, not at nap time. Or right after I cook. But any other time. It’s gonna be clean. I swear!


Anyway. I get a lot of questions around this time of the year about how to prevent the holiday weight gain. I have to be honest, the only way to not gain weight is to not eat the crap that makes you gain weight. There’s no secret formula.


I know. I’m like the killjoy fairy.

When you’re hosting a holiday though, you have control over what you cook. A prime example, is my friend Melina over at Live Whole. She’s hosting and making a feast that will keep your blood sugar level, your belly happy, and your pants buttoned. Check it out. 

But if you’re not hosting, your control kind of goes out the window. Especially if you’re traveling a long distance, like we are this Thanksgiving. Unless you’re allergic to things like eggs, nuts, or gluten, I feel it’s kind of rude to bring your food to someone else’s table. Unless they want you to. And you’re close. And you know it’s cool. You know what I mean.

We are going to Hubs’ family down in Atlanta for this holiday, and it will be a feast of classic Thanksgiving eats. Stovetop stuffing, Stouffers Mac n’ Cheese, greens simmered in good stuff, cranberry jelly (can shaped, which is the best kind!), etc. All that stuff that packs on the chunks.

But I’m not planning to gain weight while we are away, because I’m over that. So here’s my game plan, and hopefully it will help you out too.

The key is to keep control.

You can’t go berserk if you never lost control.

It’s a big thing.

  1. Pick your poison(s). I love the sides. I can’t stand turkey. So on Thursday (not Weds and certainly not Friday), I plan to pile a plate or two with stuffing, cranberry jelly, macaroni, greens, etc. And I’m going to eat it. Happily. It’s going to be delicious.
  2. Know what you’re going to forgo. For me, that’s the desserts. Sugar is just a bad idea for everyone, but realize that all of that food I’m piling my plate with – the stuffing, cranberry, mac’n cheese, etc., – is laden with sugar as well. Just because it tastes savory, means nothing. If it’s processed, it’s got sugar. And a crapload of salt. Adding dessert on top of that just isn’t fair to your body. So I’ll be finishing off my meal with a cup of coffee.
  3. Have your eats ready for Friday. Leftovers are going to be there, right? So most of the time, the holiday festivities continue the next day. Instead of doing that, on Friday, I’ll get back to normal. Eggs, sprouted grain toast, lots of water. That’s easy enough. Just try to minimize your salt and sugar intake and flush your system with water in between the booze.

The biggest factor in all of this though, lies in your head. Relax. It’s the holidays. So what if you splurge and gain five pounds? You know how to reign it back in, right? Enjoy yourself. Enjoy your family. Drink water. Stress makes you fat, you know. And it also makes you a poor companion! 🙂


I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!