Confession time: I’m not in love with kale.


It’s not that I don’t believe it is a green flippin’ miracle. I love all the good stuff it does. I just don’t like the taste or the texture. It does nothing for me.

So I’ve resorted to simply juicing the heck out of it and calling it a day.

Until now.


This is my bastardization of this recipe. Because I can’t follow a recipe to save my life these days.

Or just won’t.

Either way.

It was good. Topped with avocado, sweet potatoes, pom, and a crackle of salt. Crisping the kale is brilliant, and gives it a lighter, crunchier, more easily masticated texture.

You know it was good, because I chose to eat it on my burfday.


No sharesies.

But don’t worry, now I’m eating cookies.

Have a great one!