So, I conducted a little experiment for you.


You are welcome.

Well, I suppose I could explain that better. See, everyone talks about Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream. It’s all over Instagram. All over blogs. And it’s also in my local health food store. I see it there often. Three flavors. Salty Caramel, Whiskey Pecan, and Dark Chocolate. I’m not an ice cream girl. Occasionally I’ll enjoy a small amount. Very occasionally. And certainly not in 40 degree weather. But I’ve been a little stressed this week. Just kidding. REALLY stressed. And I said you know what? I want to see what all the hype is about, gosh darn it.

So I did.

My experiment therefore, was to see if eating an entire pint of ice cream in two and a half sittings would 1) bloat me into next week 2) make me violently ill 3) make me loathe myself or 4) 1+2+3

It turns out that I am not bloated, I didn’t get sick, and I feel great.

So, yay for science and for Whiskey Pecan. It was delicious. Really delicious. Salty Caramel will happen too. One day.

How was your Halloween? I was debating on whether or not I would dress Eli up, and I’m not sure why. Dressing up babies is adorable, as evidenced by my Instagram and FB feeds yesterday.

I mean, really?



Eli was a pumpkin from morning until night and it was adorable. It even made his everyday activities seem that much cuter.


You’ll be glad to know that I had not one piece of Halloween candy. Probably because I had my face stuck in the pint of Jeni’s.

Today is November 1st, which is my favorite month. It’s my birthday month, the month Hubs and I started dating officially (in my mind at least…), the month we did something clandestine and crazy together, and last but not least, the month in which my little Pumpkin was born.

So I’m throwing a party. I decided not to go completely crazy. I’m planning on having a special Autumn punch + rum, hearty appetizers to soak up said punch, and a carrot cake made without wheat flour or refined sugars, supplied by one of my favorite Mommy bloggers, Mama Pea. More on that later. Like probably Monday or Tuesday later, when I’ve recovered from the party, over which I’m not going to go completely crazy.

Are you seeing where I’m going? 🙂

Off I go!