I hope all of you in the stormy area stay safe, dry, and keep power! Here in Maryland, we are operating on heightened alert until tomorrow morning, but so far it’s just raining a lot, the wind hasn’t yet picked up. Of course, it’s only 8:30am. We’ve got time.

On a day like today, when the sun is nowhere to be found and you have to actually turn lights on in the morning, you could use a delicious hot beverage to power you through the day, no?

I’ve already had this:


I’m loving the combination of beet, cilantro, celery, ginger, lemon, and apple lately. It’s wonderfully cleansing for liver and anything with beet is great for your digestive system. Now’s the time of the season to add in those root veggies!

It’s also the time of the season to fill your diet with some good fat. Do you suffer from dry, itchy skin in the winter? Increasing your fat and water intake can seriously help.

In the spirit of that, I offer you this:


Coffee blended with butter.

Don’t gag.

I think it sounds so dirty because our culture has pretty much been trained to be mortally afraid of the butter. It turns out that it’s all of those butter replacers that cause the damage, not pure, grass-fed, organic butter. So ditch the hydrogenated imposters and go get yourself some delicious butter. A brand that is widely sold is Kerry Gold, and it is made from grass-fed cows milk. This is important, because if the cows are eating corn, soy, and grains with no grass, it’s abnormal for them, and they produce milk that is high in toxic fat. When they eat grass as nature intended, and are allowed to roam, the milk is chock full of good fats and nutrients.

Butter Blended Coffee
As a note, you can also make this using 1 tsp (or more if you like) of coconut oil or coconut butter. I enjoy the coconut butter!

1 cup freshly brewed, very hot coffee
1 pat (1 tbsp) unsalted, organic and grass-fed butter (I’ve done it with salted as well, Was good)

Pour the coffee into a blender. I have a Magic Bullet sitting on my counter top that I use pretty much exclusively for blending salad dressing and coffee. Pop the butter into the blender. Whiz it up! It will get creamy and will form a foamy head.

Pour into your mug and add sweetener if desired.


Stay warm and get some fat today! 🙂