We really packed it in this weekend!

On Friday, this guy…


Took his first steps AND learned how to mash food into that mess of hair he has. We’re pretty excited about the walking thing – though he’s pretty underwhelmed. He’s kinda like, big deal! did you know bugs were edible?

So we had our fancy night out…




It was a lot of fun! We went to this event last year, when I was pretty much 9 months pregnant. Everyone remembered me sitting on a chaise lounge eating a plate of dessert that was propped up on my belly. Except for those people who didn’t recognize me because I’m clearly half a person smaller. I have to say that I did enjoy that. 🙂

I went with a smokey eye.



And since I went heavy on the eyes, I just did a nude lip gloss (Nars Orgasm lip gloss, my fave!)

On Saturday, we went to Eli’s buddy’s first birthday party. I took not one picture, because I was too busy enjoying gin and tonics made with a homemade tonic syrup infused with allspice berries. WOW.



Eli “colored.”


Stinkbugs invaded.


And I drank coffee.


Suffice to say, this weekend Hubs and I hit the “indulge” button quite a few times. I’m really happy to be back to eating normally now. Both of us are. It’s fun to indulge every now and then, but I always wind up asking myself the next morning – was it really worth it? I mean, the Gin and Tonics were totally worth it. Totally. But we all know when you drink alcohol, your ideas surrounding a “good meal” kind of shift.

All in all, a pretty good weekend.

Now, I have a few days to prepare myself for my first solo venture in a LONG time. No hubs. No Eli.

What will I do?