It’s only Wednesday and it feels like it ought to be Friday… Ah, joy.


I’ve had to sacrifice my typical blogging time this week to clean the house, take Littles to the doctor, interview listing agents, and school work. Hubs and I may be getting ready to make a move soon, it all really depends on the housing market here in MD. The move is happening at some point, the question is – now or in 2013? Regardless, I’ve been busy around here! Yikes!

Update on the Whole30… We are on day 23. It’s going really well! I don’t feel like any weight has melted off of me, but that’s probably because my body likes the weight it’s at. Like I’ve said before, I’ll probably have to get serious with food AND exercise if I want to get to a lower weight. Not sure that I do!

I’m already excited for wine though. Especially since the new Crate and Barrel catalog arrived…


I love wine and cheese parties, even if the party is just me and Hubs 🙂

I also love everything Crate and Barrel does. You’d never know it if you saw my house.

So, I’ve been cleaning. And I even have a helper.


He’s the eraser to my pencil. Good thing he’s cute.

My sis is coming to visit this weekend with her PUPPA!


We haven’t seen her in a long time, so we are super excited!

And… Thursday and Friday we’ll be in Pennsylvania scoping out the territory. More details on that when we know if this is really happening. But here’s a hint:

So, suffice to say, I’ll be a little bizzy the next few days. I’ll try to take good pictures of interesting things and share them with you though. In the mean time, I hope you have tried pumpkin pie in a bowl. I can’t stop eating it. Eli too!

Happy Hump day!