First of all, can I just tell you that I’m writing this post in the bathroom, because my kiddo is actually bouncing in his bouncy thing, and if he sees me, he’ll stop bouncing and start whining. I’m on the toilet, but not ON it, if you know what I mean. So relax. It’s at least 10x less gross than you thought. Still weird. Totally my life these days.

So, Hubs leaves me a lot. His job has always been a high travel sort of situation, and Pre-Baby, it was kind of a good time. I’d just hitch a ride to wherever he was going and enjoy myself. Life was bueno. There was a part of me that thought we’d still travel a lot with him, especially when he went to lovely and magical places like Las Vegas or San Diego. But then this momma learned what a NIGHTMARE traveling with a baby who doesn’t care to sleep is. It’s basically like, no vacation at all. You cannot really enjoy yourself when every meal is a balancing act/trying not to totally ruin the dining experience of those around you, every night is sleepless, and you spend the day in a fog because you’re a zombie. That’s not to say we didn’t and don’t travel with the little monster.

Hubs and I partying it up in NOLA

So far, he’s done Orlando, Atlanta, Puerto Rico, and car trips to NY and CT. We actually even drove down to ATL once. We won’t do that again. Ever. Shudder.

Eli chillaxin’ in Puerto Rico

Anyway, where was I going with this…Yes. Hubs travels a lot, and now, unless there’s a seriously good reason to go with, we stay home, because this momma likes her sleep, and Eli really only sleep in his bed.

Hubs and I are super different people. We are totally a case of opposites attract. He’s military neat and orderly. I’m not. He’s an engineer. I’m an english major. He was in the math club. I was in the skip last period so I can leave school at 2pm club. I actually picked my first college because they didn’t have a math or science requirement. I know. You’re like, daaay-um Sarah, you are so awesome. How did he CATCH you?

He caught me with big flowers and a lot of LUCK, that’s how.

Over the past seven-ish years (I’m not good with dates either), we’ve developed a symbiosis. Or I’ve developed a dependency. I like to think that Hubs helps me to operate at a higher level in my life. Because you see, even though I’m hideously messy, when things are messy around me, I really can’t function. Chaos breeds chaos and I can often be a walking example of this. When he’s home, I have this momentum that somehow allows me to care for our son, do my school work, cook all of our meals, his brown bag lunch, and keep the house in some sort of order (not AWESOME, but not gross either). No matter what kind of craziness goes on during my day, I can usually pull it all together and have dinner on the table by 6pm and the kitchen in good and shiny order for his arrival. I do this because I know he loves it. And in turn, it keeps me sane.



When Hubs leaves, he messes up my system. I make messes. I leave them for “later.” Eli makes messes. HE leaves them for “mommy’s later.” I can’t be bothered to make the bed.

I stop washing my hair.

I wear sweat pants every day.

Okay, I’m just kidding. The world doesn’t end. But it’s a tad messy around here and I prefer when Hubs is home so it doesn’t get this bad. Lord knows I’ll be hustling during nap time tomorrow to clean it all up before he gets home.

But that’s just how I roll.

I say all this to say, I love you, Hubs! Come home soon… 🙂

Do you have a good thing going on with your SO? Would love to hear about it! 


PS: I wrote this whole post in one sitting. No interruptions. The bathroom may be my new office.