Good morning!

I’m back!

I survived and so did everyone around me.

But I’ll tell you, it’s been gross around here. I pretty much could not be bothered to wash my hair, put on makeup, or wear real clothes. I did shower, since I am not completely gross, but I didn’t really want to. It’s amazing to me how something as simple as sugar can mess your body up. I can’t imagine how I’d be feeling on this cleanse if I was previously eating a Standard American Diet, with lots of processed food and white refined carbs. I’d would probably have actually killed someone. Or myself. HA!

This morning I woke up and realized that my lady-friend is now in town (subtle, right) and that I probably couldn’t have chosen a worse time to ditch the sugar and grains. That explains the drama, to a certain extent. So, quick shout out to Hubs for cleaning bottles, cleaning the kitchen, and not begging me to wash my hair or put on real clothes. That was a big help. Oh, and BTW… why aren’t you experiencing any awful detox symptoms? Are you at work eating pizza and drinking beer? ARE YOU?

Just kidding.

Anyhow, today is Friday and we’ve got some yummy recipes to try this weekend in addition to SUNDAY NIGHT FOOTBALL returning. Definitely making chili for that.

I’ll be back later with a recipe, because I’ve got some ideas about acorn squash and thai spices. It’s already baked up and waiting for me to dig in.


Have  a great one!