So, back in the day when Hubs and I were habitual dieters (aka Start one for New Years and one when the weather started to warm) we were a lot like boxers. You know how they severely dehydrate themselves prior to “Weigh In” day, so that they are as small as possible and can fit in to their weight class? Then, on fighting day, are suddenly 10-15 lbs heavier. We did the SAME thing, except in reverse. We would eat as much crapola as possible, like, go on an all-out junk food binge, prior to our weigh in. You’d think they told us that junk food was going out of business, and booze too! Come weigh in day, we’d be so bloated and gross that we were excited to “behave”! And of course, that first week weight loss was inspirational, as it was all bloat and poor digestion.

Fun times. My metabolism surely thanks me for the Yo-yo dieting. Surely.

Well, today is the first day of our Whole30 Challenge, and somehow, I let myself fall into that old pattern. I feel so gross.

I ate fried food. Fruit tarts. Burgers with white flour buns. A flippin’ chocolate croissant for breakfast!

Wow. So you now know that even Little Miss Healthy Pants can be a total ass.


There are a few reasons why I am doing the Whole30 Challenge, apart from supporting Hubs.

  • Unhealthy habits snuck into my routine – Yes, sweetened condensed milk, I’m looking at you. The daily sugar made me crave more sugar. Plain and simple.
  • My belly has been feeling bloated. Digestion has definitely slowed.
  • I still have 8 lbs I’d like to lose, and feel that a cleanse will help me get through my current plateau.
  • Curiosity¬†over whether or not wheat is a food that negatively affects me.

So far, we’re barely halfway into Day 1. It’s not a huge deal, nor is it much different from how I have been eating. The key differences are in cooking processes – no butter. Which is sad for me. Along with the loss of cream. My french scrambled eggs were not the same – but still fine, with olive oil instead.

You’ll also be glad to know that I found a way to deal with the coffee.


It’s just coconut milk processed with a few medjool dates. It’s not super sweet, but the creaminess and slight sweetness gives me what I’m craving in my morning Cuppa – so no one had to die this morning.


All in all, I’m feeling good and excited. It’s been a while since I embarked on something like this, so I’m curious to see if I really react to it as a “challenge” as opposed to just something different.