Why hello, and welcome to this glorious Labor Day Weekend. What, you may ask, does this Momma DO on such a glorious holiday three day palooza?

Clearly, I wake up early as per usual, and dream up ways to be mean to myself.

Well, no. Not exactly mean. But mean.

None of this:


And none of this:


And even if you just scroll through the pictures on this blog without reading my incredibly entertaining explanations… You know I do a lot of those.

It’s not because I think I have a problem. It’s more than that. I’m interested in finding out, once and for all, what foods make me feel gross and what  foods don’t. I’d also like to see if there’s an energy boost to be found by removing body clogging and inflammatory things. I’m thinking yes, but I want to find out for myself.

So I’m doing this:


No, I’m not joining Crossfit or going Paleo forever. Good grains, legumes, and Stevia are all coming back as far as I can see. But it’s honestly not a huge leap from how we’re currently eating. The only change is the booze and the flippin’ sweetened condensed milk in my coffee. Which has become an addiction. A lover. A friend. And probably the reason why my pants are always just a TAD too tight these days. I mean, just the fact that I didn’t want to do this challenge BECAUSE of the coffee with the sweetened condensed milk, told me I just had to. Because What the Flip, right? Seriously, Sarah?

And the wine. But I’ve had a lot of wine. But I love wine.

My friends are already threatening to leave me.

Anyway, here’s how it is going down. We’ll start Tuesday, because what sort of masochist starts an elimination diet on a holiday weekend? Not Me!


So Tuesday, Hubs and I will weigh and measure ourselves, and I’ll cry over the loss of my morning lover. Hopefully nothing crazy happens. Can’t promise.

We’ll measure and weigh again after 30 days. And you can follow along with my daily eats on Instagram – I won’t clog up Twitter and Facebook with that. I’ll be sure to whine and moan about how much I miss my sugar and wine on the blog though. Count on it.

And we’ll see!

I’m actually kind of excited. I’ve got a cute outfit that’s a little too tight, and the beginning of October will be the PERFECT time to whip it out.


Any awesome plans for this weekend? Any September cleansing ideas?

Any interest in joining me? 🙂