Ever since I got my iPhone, I’ve been pretty obsessed with it. As most people are. I’m not the most “app-savvy” person you’ll ever meet, but this is a list of the Apps I use on a daily basis that have either helped me save time or helped me waste it.


Pink Pad. This is an app that tracks your lady business. It helped me get pregnant with Eli and to just keep track of what’s going on with me in general. Very helpful, especially for lady part appointments. Before this app my doctor would ask me when my last period was and I’d look at her blankly. I don’t do well under pressure.



Instagram. I use it several hundred times a day to take pictures of my food and my baby, and occasionally my pets. Love it.




Evernote. A more recent acquisition, I also have this app on my computer and they sync to each other. I keep track of school notes, to do lists, random thoughts, etc. It’s great!



Sephora. I’m addicted to Sephora. I check this app daily for the staff picks. And just to browse.



Find Friends. My husband’s nemesis. I track my husband and other family members and anyone else who will accept my request. Be prepared for text messages like this: “You said you were going to the grocery store. Why do I find you at the mall?” Or “It’s 2am, my sis, why are you at So’n So’s house?” Love it.



Lemon. It’s a virtual wallet. You basically “scan” your credit cards, license, etc. I find this very useful for online shopping and random sushi delivery orders. No trip down to the car necessary! At some point, or some places, you can probably use it as a real wallet and they can scan the card from your phone.


Words with Friends. Time waster! But also a good mind workout, right?





USAA. My online banking app. I love that I can transfer money instantly, deposit a check in seconds, and just know what’s going on in general.




What are your favorite apps/time wasters?