My husband recently “came across” an old journal of mine circa 1996. He had already read it (it’s quite a page-turner) before he handed it over, but he didn’t break the lock. My dear mother did that, probably circa 1996.


There were a few things that really stood out to me about the entries in that journal, once I could get myself to stop wincing long enough to make through a page.

  1. Holy Drama, Batman.
  2. I’ve always done whatever the hell I want to with colons.
  3. What DID happen to Chad?
  4. Who is Ian?

I share this embarrassing piece of my tween years with you to ponder on this question, which has absolutely nothing to do with a green juice or a smoked eggplant: In 10-15 years, what earth-shattering drama will I no longer have any recollection of? Will I undergo a transformation that may render my current self barely recognizable to my past self?

Will I knee-slap myself and shake my head when speaking of motherhood and new babies to expecting and terrified mothers?  “You silly things, having a baby is like falling off a chair – gravity does all the work!” 

Will I offer truncated nutritional advice? “Eat the fat, leave the sugar!”

Who knows? And do you like how in 10-15 years I’ll suddenly be a wizened old lady?

The point is, time does change things, people especially. I already know I’ve changed a great deal in the almost eight years I’ve been with my husband. And clearly, I’m not Little Miss ’96 anymore either (that is clear, right?). But I’d like to think that with time, I’ve kept the good stuff and improved the less helpful and woefully verbose. I’d like to think that.


Can you remember what you were like as a tween? Care to share some diary pages?