I’d ask where the weekend went, but I already know. We’re slowly adjusting to life without Chloe. For a 4 lb dog that spent most of the day snuggled up on the couch, she sure left a big space behind. Thank you all so much for your kind words on Facebook and here; we appreciate it so much. 

Amazingly, life goes on.

The CSA box gets picked up.


Eli wakes up far too early.


And Mommy and Daddy drown their sorrows in a late night game of Rummy with a slightly inappropriate amount of gin. And kale chips.


Today we’re going into DC to spend the afternoon with some friends, eat something delicious, drink something strong, and have some much needed diversion.

I can’t stop myself from looking at pictures of Chloe and every time I do, I’m sitting here in tears. 16 year old Sarah would be writing copious amounts of dramatic poetry and posting it to LiveJournal. I have my blog now. I’ll try not to post any poetry.

Crying is good though. It’s the pain coming out. I know that.

I’ve also got to focus on this little guy.


He’s never known life without Chloe and he is a very emotional little man. I’m trying not to be ridiculous and give him bites of everything I eat and cuddle him non-stop — and I’m failing miserably. We will adjust though. I know.

It’ll just take some time.