Cute picture to start:


  1. Sit down and eat my meals at a normal human pace. I’ve never been a fast eater. I’ve always been confident in the notion that my food will still be there after I’ve taken a small bite, chewed it, pondered the latest episode of True Blood, sipped some wine, and then made my way back for more. Now, the food might still be there, but my opportunity to eat it will be gone. I inhale now. It’s unfortunate, but a girl’s gotta eat!
  2. Allow my husband to take care of the baby without “checking in.” I realize I need to get over this. But then he asks me a question like, “Have you ever considered just leaving a bottle in the crib with him at night for when he gets hungry?” (Sorry, babe. Much love.) And then I have a mild heart attack and vow never to leave again.
  3. Stop wearing nursing tanks. You know they make pretty cute nursing BRAS. I have two of them from a company called Hot Milk. They are lacy. Racy. Sexy. But I can’t stop wearing my gross, boobs-your-face nursing tanks. Because I don’t like hitching up my shirt. And I love them. <3.
  4. Shave my legs more. I know. Gross, Sarah. But is there anything more tedious than shaving legs? Seriously. It’s even more irritating than washing my hair. It’s not that I don’t enjoy a smooth leg. Because I do. Sigh.
  5. Making a huge mess in my closet every night as I try on every piece of clothing I own. I so need to stop, because it’s hard to get into my closet anymore. But I just can’t get enough of it. It’s like crack. Every time I put on a pair of pants that I previously could not get over my THIGHS, I do a little dance. Say something ridiculous like, “Bazinga!” And then reach for another pair of pants. It’s probably my favorite activity now.
  6. Go to the gym. I’d like to, I suppose. I feel like I could use slightly more “push” than my current stroll around the pond with my dogs and my kiddo. I probably shouldn’t put this under my would-like-to-but-won’t list, because it’s going to happen. One day soon. Soon, one day.

And I think that’s a wrap for now. I’ve discovered a way to get something done in the morning. I have to hide from my son. He will actually bounce happily in his Jumperoo if he doesn’t see me and make eye contact. I’m just around the corner. It’s the darndest thing. The second I peek over at him, he will erupt into tears and have a brat attack.

Tonight I’m actually going out with the girls. It took some serious mental convincing, because we’re going out AFTER we put the babies to bed, so that means after 8. My first reaction was, “But that’s going to cut into my sleep time…”

However, I think this is one time when I need to forgo the extra couple of hours and just get my butt out of the house. And I’m inordinately excited to wear my fancy designer jeans that I bought six years ago. They’ve never been worn! But they will be worn tonight.

Any plans, folks? Any things you would like to do, but don’t want to? 🙂