So, guess what?

As of 7:24 this morning, I am officially…

Back at my wedding weight!

I’m obnoxiously excited. Which I should be.

When I got pregnant with Eli, I was already 18 lbs heavier than my wedding weight, which really sucked, but it was what it was. Back in January, when I started to consciously want to lose the weight, I was 28 lbs heavier than I am now. Losing weight at this time in my life hasn’t been as challenging as it was in the past though, and I came up with a few ideas as to why.

Having been on a perpetual “diet” since puberty, I truly believed that to lose weight, one had to severely restrict food, count calories, and exercise like hell. I had a very narrow mindset about it and I’ll be honest, kind of a negative one. Obviously restricting something you love (FOOD) and forcing yourself to do something you don’t love (work out), doesn’t equal a positive person. And it didn’t equal a skinny person either, because just as soon as I had lost some weight, I would “celebrate” and gain it right back. Dieting wasn’t sustainable because life was getting in the way and I wanted to enjoy it. I didn’t see that I could be both slim and happy.

Having Eli really changed a lot of my feelings about my body. I know I’ve written about that before. But I think it made a huge difference in my current weightloss success. As huge as I was, as lumpy as my stomach looked, as stretchy as my pants had to be – there was something SO much more important going on! I had a baby to take care of, to feed with my body. In order to do that, I had to be kind to myself, giving my body the nutrients it needed to produce what Eli needed. Taking the focus off of ME for a second, really put things in perspective.

So, when I decided it was time to start losing the chunks, I didn’t go into it with a “3 months or BUST” attitude. I knew it would take time. I started off with Weight Watchers in January and lost between 5-6 lbs, but quit after almost two months. Weight Watchers is great for some people, but for me, it only encourages poor eating habits. I’d be hitting the fast food because I had enough points, not eating any veggies, and saving the extra points for wine. Awesome. I know.

Instead, I decided to get back into juicing. I truly believe flooding my body with all of those vital nutrients in the morning freed my system up to start letting go of excess weight. I have not and do not eat like an angel in an organic garden. I love my wine. I sometimes have french fries. Cheese happens. But my attitude changed.

I stopped criticizing myself when I looked in the mirror and instead focused on the nice things that I noticed. I totally kept several pairs of jeans in descending sizes in the bathroom to try on every now and then, and as I was able to button up each one, I felt like a total rockstar. If I ate a meal full of less than awesome things, I didn’t go completely crazy and continue to eat gross – I simply shrugged, made a better choice later, and continued to juice, blend green things, and take my little baby out for walks around the pond.

Some people have asked exactly what I’ve done. I’ve tried to narrow it down:

  • Juice every morning (a green juice, not a fruit juice)
  • Cut out refined sugars and carbohydrates. Sugar is the biggest thing.
  • Avoid processed food when possible
  • Easy on gluten and grains in general, except for Quinoa and Millet
  • Food combining 70-80% of the time (see the tab on my header)
  • Daily walks
  • Positive attitude

It seems like my body is trying to reach its “ideal” weight right now, which is probably between 5-10 lbs less than I am. My plan is to continue putting nutrient rich fuel in, keeping the pressure off, and implementing some enjoyable exercise that will help me redevelop some muscle (pregnancy didn’t do me right in that respect).

In other news…School starts for me very soon, and so I won’t be able to blog daily. I’m going to update twice a week, which will probably be better for you guys anyway, since my posts should be more interesting than say, a quick iPhone shot of my green juice and a “WASSUP?”. I’m thrilled to become a Holistic Health Coach and can’t wait to learn all sorts of wonderful things and ways to help people achieve their ideal balance in both body and mind. It’s going to be a heck of a ride!

I’ll be back Monday with a post on my weekend – we actually have a Date Night planned, sans bebe, so it should be pretty cool.

Have  a great Friday, a fabulous weekend, and stay cool!