Quick update, in case you were wondering if I’d definitely fallen off the planet…


We lost our power on Friday night, as many in the MD/DC/VA area did due to some freak storm they are calling “El Derecho.” With the 100+ degree heat and humidity, it’s been a super blast. We were living in our basement with a generator, and staying somewhat cool. Until a stomach bug hit Eli on Sunday, and he proceeded to vomit continuously, completely destroying all the clothes that fit him, and all the clothes that fit me (Saturday morning was going to be laundry day…)

So, then I got the stomach bug yesterday, my husband has it today, and let’s just say — I’m not taking pictures for YOUR sake. It’s a disaster area over here.

Luckily we got our power back yesterday.

I’m looking forward to being able to eat again and to sharing that with you. For now, this girl can only handle small amounts of Gatorade!

Hope you’re all well, staying cool, and hydrating.

Oh – and a special shout out to my SIS:

HAPPY BIRTHDAY OLD LADY! It’s funny how you keep getting older, but I stay exactly at 22.