Well, it’s a hot one. I’m not complaining, because I’d prefer heat to cold any day. We got a later start to the day because my dear son actually slept in until 9:15 — I know, WHAT? I don’t know. I’m not getting excited.

Today was Eli’s first time on swings.

He LOVED it. He laughed the entire time and tried to mimic my “Wheeee!” I died of cuteness several times. And then I died of heat stroke.

So we came home and made this.

Orange Creamsicle Smoothie (Dairy Free)

2 whole oranges, peeled

1/2 cup almond milk (or non-dairy milk of choice)

Ice – add gradually until desired consistency

1/8 or half a handful whole raw cashews

2-5 drops Vanilla liquid stevia

Put oranges, milk, and nuts in the blender and process until smooth. Add remaining ingredients and process until desired consistency.

I love the combination of orange  + cream. This is a very healthy alternative to say, a sugar-laden Orange Julius or a regular Creamsicle. Can you use orange juice instead of whole oranges? You can, and it will probably taste fine, but nutritionally, it won’t be that great. Fruit juice is pure sugar without the fiber to aid your body in digesting it, so it will just do a spike ‘n ditch on your system. By processing the whole oranges in the blender, you’re giving yourself the fiber in addition to the sweetness. If your oranges are super sweet, don’t even bother with the Stevia and instead add a few drops of vanilla extract.

The cashews are kind of optional, but they lend a creamier texture to the drink. I would avoid almonds or almond butter because they will change the taste.

I had to restrain myself from throwing in a handful of spinach. I think it would still be tasty, but not an Orange Creamsicle. Maybe next time!

This was a perfect treat to cool off with. Eli enjoyed a little too.


What’s your favorite “cool off” beverage?