I’m having one of those mornings. I told my son to stop smiling at me, ate a waffle RIGHT after chugging my green juice, and feel really really evil. Because I’m super tired. Super super super. Tired.

But instead of sitting here and being a total drag and complaining about random things that are currently irritating me, I thought I’d thank myself.


Because we all deserve a big Thank You once in a while. We thank other people profusely, don’t we? Thank you for coming over. Thank you for putting your dishes away. Thank you for not picking your nose. But when’s the last time you gave yourself a nice pat on the shoulder and said, Thank YOU?

So, I’m thanking me for:

  • being so close to my wedding weight. I did this all by myself and I feel great about it.
  • being a psychotic mother to my son. It’s awesome and the best thing I do every is take care of him.
  • figuring out what I want “to be” in life and plotting a path to achieve it.
  • learning to be kinder to myself. It was a long time coming.

What are you thanking yourself for today?