1. Van’s frozen waffles. I have been eating the heck out of these for years, and have not yet met one I haven’t loved. They are the best! I’ve tried Kashi frozen waffles and Earth’s Best (which are not bad either), but none are so delicious as these puppies.

2. NuStevia liquid stevia drops. I’ve tried stevia in many different forms, liquid, powder, etc., but this brand is the tastiest. There’s pretty much no after taste at all, and it’s really helped me kick my sugar AND Splenda habit. I love the different flavors. Vanilla is delicious in lemon water.

3. TMI anyone? Victoria’s Secret lace thong. It comes in one size and it is fabulous. Both sexy and comfortable, I have been wearing them for years. And they even hung in there with me during let’s say… 7-8 months of pregnancy.

4. I know. FitFlops. But they are seriously the most comfortable things that have ever happened to my feet. I can walk all day in them! These puppies also were the only shoe that I could wear while I was pregnant, so I developed a close attachment to them. They are pricey for a flop, but given how much I wear them, I’m good with that.

5. Fisher Price Jumperoo. I don’t even want to think about life without this thing. My son must bounce, and this provides him with a safe place to do it. It lets me shower, make a green juice, and even sometimes write a blog post. It’s my dear friend!

What are some of your favorite things?