I’ve been reading a lot of posts/articles/tweets about naturing-up your skincare these days, as your skin is the largest organ in your body. I thought to myself, that would sure be nice! Then I realized, I’m already kind of doing that!

I started using natural products in the bath when Eli was born, because his skin was so sensitive and I was worried about the perfumes, dyes, etc., irritating him, since he spent his days pretty much plastered to my body. And I have kept using these products because I love them! The Hugo Natural bath gel has a wonderful consistency and smells heavenly, plus leaves my skin soft. I use the Aura Glow while I’m still in the shower and my skin is wet, and absolutely love how soft my skin stays now.

I’ve also been testing out using olive oil as a skin cleanser. It’s been three days, and I’ve only used it at night, but so far I’m really loving it. I’ll write more about it when a week has gone by and I really know how I like it.

I’m not close to willing to give up my MAC or Laura Mercier yet, but hey, do what you can, right?

Do you use natural skincare? Have you tried olive oil, castor oil, or any other oil for skin cleansing?