What does it mean??

Well, it’s kind of awesome. My husband has asked to be my first nutrition client! I’m thrilled. I’m going to green juice the crap out of him.

However, because of his schedule and how much he travels, it’s a little hectic for me to make him fresh juice each morning, and he’s not going to juice for himself. So I was trying to think of the best way to freeze a vitamin-rich liquid…

And realized I already had plenty of breast milk storage bags! They are only 5 oz each, but they will do for now. I’ve been slowly building up his stash when I make my own juice in the morning, so that I can just send him on his way with a cooler of morning goodness. It was kind of one of those “DUH” moments. I could have been freezing and stashing this whole time, and then when a lazy morning strikes I’d have absolutely no excuse not to get my juice. Because you know that happens.

In other news, my son is now a human bumper car. I kind of feel like I should just put a helmet on him and have done with it. He’s just completely unstoppable!

Also, are any of you True Blood fans? Hubs and I are big time, and I have to say that I’m loving this season so far. I love all the new characters! Sookie’s been kind of useless, but I’m assuming that will change eventually.

Ok, I have to run, someone is trying to pull up the vents and eat the dog food.


Happy Monday!