So, I’m sitting typing this post while wearing a pair of SIZE 6 shorts from Ann Taylor. One of the pairs of pants that I keep in the bathroom to depress/encourage myself. It’s been flippin’ fantastic to fit into these pants, people. I’m completely obnoxious about it – ask my husband! I absolutely came dancing down the stairs this morning, struck a pose and said: LOOK AT ME! And he was like, WOW A SIZE 4?

And then I killed him.

Anyway, it’s really awesome. Yay. 🙂

Last night, even though I made Hubs a dinner of pork tenderloin and spinach, I didn’t feel like cooking for myself. So I checked out Dominoes website and discovered that they now offer a gluten free crust. Hmm! So in the spirit of learning something new to share with you, I sacrificed and ordered myself a pizza.

It was actually delicious. The crust was crispy, thin, and had no soggy areas at all. The Dominoes guy actually called me to confirm my order was what I wanted though. “You want NO CHEESE, but also feta cheese on half?”


And it was so good. I think we may have to do that again sooner than later.

Today we have friends driving in from PA with their adorable little baby who is just about 3 months old. I’m obviously not going to post a picture of someone else’s baby on my blog, but this kid is TOO CUTE FOR SCHOOL. He reminds me of Eli when he was a little itzy. Now he’s big and heavy… and crazy.

Think I’ll keep him though 🙂

It’s funny because all of a sudden, he’s started to really stick with his napping routine during the day. I was never great at establishing a strict “order of business” with him, and instead focused on his cues. Eye rubbing, general crankiness, whining – all signs it’s time to hit the hay. Now he seems to want a nap between 9:30 – 10:30 in the morning and will sleep for anywhere from an hour to two hours. Then hopefully we can get him a second nape between 3pm, because he really needs it, but if we’re out and about, or he finds a shiny object, we can miss our window, and then it’s kind of hellish until bedtime. But it’s nice that we are settling into something of a routine that I can count on. So I can write blog posts, study for school, shower, and eat. In that order!

It’s a gorgeous day over here. I hope you all have wonderful and relaxing weekend plans!

Catcha later.