Good morning and happy first day of Summer! It’s HOT AS HECK over here.

It was definitely a Green Juice morning.

Celery, lacinto kale (6 leaves), 1 lemon, 2 small gala apples, thumb of ginger


So, on to this:

From Cafemom

I read the first book, the second, and I can’t remember if I started reading the third, read it, or what. And I’m too lazy to go check my Kindle app. People are freaking out over these books and I find it fascinating, especially since they are calling it “Mom Porn” and I’m a mom now. First of all, if you haven’t read these books and are planning to, and you don’t already know the entire plot, skip this post. I’d hate to spoil it for you…

I enjoyed the first book. I’m not ashamed to say that I enjoy a good sexy read. And I’ll readily admit that Christian Grey pulled at my heartstrings too. Sure, I felt that special little twinge in my heart reserved especially for jerks who need some serious FIXING. But I’m a grown up now, and I’ve learned my lesson about fixing men. Maybe. Anyway.

My small piece of beef with this series is the main character, Ana, who is a blatant little rip off of Bella Swan from Twilight fame, only without the character strength and conviction Bella has in the books. She’s mousy, naive, clumsy, skinny, and a virgin. None of those things resonate with me. I don’t get it. And I also don’t get why she didn’t run her mousy little butt in the other direction when Mr. Grey handed her the sexual contract. But that’s okay, because it’s not my story and if she had run off, we would never have gotten all of those intensely graphic and slightly disturbing sex scenes which followed. Ana is just forgettable to me. She’s not a character that I thought about again once or twice after reading the story. She was like a prop. Perhaps during the first book, I cared a little bit about what she did or did not do, or maybe I was just wondering what kind of weird kinky stuff would come up next, but half way through the second book, I put it down and said: Really? Sex again? This book is dumb. 

But I get the hoopla. It’s all about the dominance. Is it taboo for a grown woman, with her head screwed on straight, her life on track, and no obvious emotional issues, to request a little domination from her man in the bedroom? Maybe? I don’t know. Or maybe the point is, she doesn’t want to request it, she just wants it to happen and to be helpless for a few moments in her life. What do you think? Have you thought about this, or do I chat too much with my baby and my dogs?

I did hear that the movie rights had been purchased. Also, when I was finding a picture of the cover, far too many pictures of Selena Gomez surfaced. I’m not up to date on the gossip, but if Selena Gomez is playing Ana, well… I was going to compare it to Kristen Stewart playing Bella Swan, but it’s not exactly the same, because like I said earlier, I don’t really like Ana as a character. I did like Bella until I saw the movies.

Anyway, those are my thoughts. I think this book has opened the door for many other Mommy Porn books to come on through, and I’m good with that. I hope that in addition to unrealistic amounts of sex in random places, that these books also put a little thought into character development and plot.


Well, I’m off to clean this house a little bit. My friend is coming over with her bebe and we are going to reinstitute a Mommy tradition of our own: W(h)ine Wednesdays! 


Have a great one!