Hi guys! I hope your Thursday is off to a good start.

We’re currently attempting morning nap #1 while the dogs are off getting pretty. I did start the day off with my glass of warm water + lemon, and had my juice about 30 minutes ago. It was a refreshing blend of celery, swiss chard, apple, and lemon.

I wanted to talk to you today about salad dressing, because for me it’s always been the most important part of any salad. The truth of the matter is, I’ve done some bad things to salads in my life. Take me to Whole Foods and I’ll end up with lettuce topped with every single mayonaise pasted pasta salad they have, hard boiled eggs, cheese, AND some cream-based dressing. I really love creamy dressings. And cheese. And croutons. Basically, I might as well just have the piece of pizza, because no veggies were surviving my salad dressing.

I’ve tried a lot of different ways of eating salad to be healthy too. I’ve done nothing but lemon juice and stevia extract. I’ve done sliced avocado and lemon juice. I’ve tried numerous variations of olive oil + vinegar. But I have to be honest: my true dressing love is creamy! And once I realized this, I realized that this was the reason I wasn’t enjoying healthy salads for lunch anymore – I didn’t enjoy them! If it doesn’t taste good, really, what is the point?

This week I’ve had a big raw salad for lunch every single day and I have loved it. Licked-the-bowl-clean loved it. They are not complicated or expensive, but they are delicious, and the secret is in the dressing.

baby spinach, shredded carrot, white beans

My current “go to” dressing is a simple tahini based one that I practically drench my veggies in.

Fabulous Everything Dressing 

Serves a huge salad, or two big salads

2 oz tahini

1 oz maple syrup

1 oz nama shoyu (or regular soy sauce)

1 oz apple cider vinegar

Combine all ingredients in a blender, food processor, magic bullet, or whisk in a bowl until creamy. This will thicken up in the fridge, you can add a few drops of hot water to loosen it up.

You could add any number of spices or fresh herbs to this as well to punch it up, but I love it just as it is. This dressing is sweet, creamy, rich, savory, and just pure decadence. But it’s also good for you. Win!

If you’re interested in trying some more delicious dressing ideas, check out Gena’s dressing page on her site, Choosing Raw. I am not vegan nor do I only eat raw, but I find myself running to her recipes all the time because they are so vibrant and yummy.

Have a great day!