Happy Sunday! I hope you’re all enjoying this long weekend so far.

We have a wedding this afternoon, but for now, we are still chillaxing. It seems as though my hubs has gotten either a cold, or his allergies have hit him hard, so he’s been laying low. I did have an opportunity to run to the grocery store solo (a rare treat!) and decided to just go ahead and do my shopping for the week as well.

One thing that I’ve always wanted to be excellent at, but have habitually sucked at is menu planning. Trips to the grocery store tend to quickly spiral out of control, despite numerous attempts at lists, iPhone apps, and stern “talking to’s” from myself to me. This kind of behavior leads to impulse buys, wasted food, and a very disorganized fridge.

So, what’s a girl to do? Well, you do what any sensible person will do when they aren’t good at something: pretend you are. 

If you pretend hard enough, it’ll happen. Trust me.

If you dare 🙂

So here’s the bevy:

I didn’t make a list, which I decided I didn’t need because I’m just so excellent at menu planning. My brain is like a computer.

I knew though, that I wanted several kale-based salads this week and plenty of juice with a celery base. I also knew that I’d be making a gallon of some tahini-based dressing to douse my veggies in. I also remembered, with my frighteningly sharp mind, that I had some veggies, a double pack of organic tofu, pork loin, fish, and chicken already purchased and either in the fridge downstairs or frozen.

Once home, I wrote up this meal plan for us. I omitted any wheat products this week, because while traveling last week I went a little bonkers. I did manage to stay away from sugar for the most part, in its obvious forms, but when you visit an amazingly delicious Indian restaurant and your dad orders every mouth-watering item on the menu, it’s just plain rude to decline… anything. Right? Right.

So I’m currently rocking a very pimply face. And just in time for the wedding this afternoon.

But I digress.

The menu:

Menu for Week of May 28th 2012

I know exactly what I’ll feel like after a week of that menu: AWESOME.

And since I’m a professional menu planner, I’d expect nothing less.