Ahh, it feels so nice to be back in our own house.

We had a great time in Connecticut visiting family, and we are VERY much looking forward to our first annual Desai-Sturgis Family Vacation in just two weeks!

It’s a holiday weekend over here, but for now we don’t really have any super big plans. We aren’t throwing any fiestas, and we aren’t going anywhere except for a wedding tomorrow (which is literally right around the corner!). Plus it’s incredibly hot outside, I think it’s supposed to be close to 90 all weekend. Hubs is going out now to get some yummy things for us to munch on and some Redbox videos, and I suppose we’ll spend the rest of the day vegging and watching our son try to catch the cat.

Did I mention that Eli is mobile now?

Oh. my. goodness.

I’m already tired.

Just thinking about it.

It started innocently enough, by becoming really good at sitting up.

And rolling around.

While at my mom’s house, he finally figured out how to sit himself upright when he’s laying flat, which apparently boosted his self-confidence quite a bit. He’s been babbling about it to his feet ever since. Now, he’s pulling himself all over the place with his arms, trying to catch the cat.

“Good luck.”

Fun times await me. I’ve already been warned.

I’m excited for him though. It’s so amazing to watch him learn something new every day, and to see how thrilled he becomes with himself for mastering each new little landmark.

And for fun, do you guys look at This? Ever?

What the heck is Tumblr?

It’s so funny though, right?

Have a great weekend!