Why good morning! It’s a rainy, yucky Monday over here, but this girl started off the day with a big ol’ smile on her face. Why, you may ask?

I know. A picture of my booty made your day too. You’re welcome.

But seriously, the good news this morning is that I finally fit into the pair of jeans that I leave in my bathroom to taunt and harass me as I pull on yet another pair of gentle-waist pants. They have been jerking up my throne room for a while now, and the last time I attempted to show them what’s what, they didn’t really actually make it halfway up my caboose. As vain and silly as it is, the pulling on, zippering, and buttoning of these jeans has MADE MY DAY.

They may still be a little muffiny on top. It’s OK.

So, I thought, in addition to showing you my rear end, that I’d show you the glamour that is my rainy morning routine. Do you have one of these too? I find that on gloomy days, I crave different things. This morning is not a green smoothie morning!

We start here:

He entertains himself with his toys and the cat’s stick while I clean up in the bathroom (aka brush my teeth, parade around in skinny jeans, etc)

Then we come downstairs and I put my little Zini (his nickname that came from “Manzini” that came from nowhere? A can of tomatoes? I just don’t know) in one of his play stations.

Time for nourishment.

A moment to smell the roses.

Make a bottle. Eli has his last boob feed anywhere from 5:30 – 6:30am, his mid-morning is usually a bottle, and then we are straight boob until the evening.

And then:

And now I have anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes in which to surf Facebook, Twitter, my favorite blogs, and perhaps write a blog post of my own.

Yes, I do think  of ways to put my son back to sleep almost immediately upon waking up.

It’s really quite rainy but hopefully it’ll clear up enough for an afternoon walk. For now, I’ve got Bob’s Burgers on in the background and I’m going to see how much I can get done in the next 12 – 23 minutes!


Have a great one!