Isn’t it crazy how Christmas seems to roll around earlier and earlier each year? Not that I mind — it happens to be my favorite holiday of the year!

This year we finally get to host a Christmas at our home, and we have space for a tree. I absolutely went crazy at Michael’s… And Target…

We got a fake tree this year, which I’m not a huge fan of — but boy was it easy to set up! I think it may find a new home in the front of the house next year and we’ll get a real tree (can’t have too many x-mas trees!) but for now I think it looks good, no?

Someone thought so…

I also started getting the dining room ready. What do you think of this place setting?

The Buffet — don’t mind the tag, still deciding on the decor!

And of course, some outdoor lights… Which Hubs probably needs to fix up a bit…

I love coming downstairs in the morning to all the Christmas-ness! I really miss the smell of the real tree, but I’m doing my best to populate the area with pine-scented candles — Thank you, Glade!

Today though, I have to refocus myself and get the doggy daycare ready to rock and roll. A wall needs to be painted pink, a desk needs to be constructed, and I have a bunch of errands to run. I’m moving very slow, but since Hubs is gone for tonight, I can start late and finish late.

Have you started your holiday decorating yet? I’m amazed at the amount of people who bought their Christmas trees over the weekend here — we literally got the LAST one of this type at the store. Also, do you buy real or fake? I can already see the virtues of fake… No mess, easy set-up, easy take-down. But unless you fork over a lot of $$ they really aren’t as full and lovely as a real tree, I think.