Greetings from Atlanta!

Hubs has left me for the evening to make a quick trip to Florida (he’ll be back tomorrow) so today was just me, the pups, and the in-laws. It’s been a slow, quiet, yet good kind of day. I got my workout on, got my nails done (finally) and had a delicious dinner made for me by someone elsenamely, Momma Sturj. It was fantastic. Since the in-laws have hit the hay, I figured I’d take a moment to update you all on my travels, etc.

First of all, this was my first real roadtrip. I don’t recall ever being in the car for more than 4-5 hours at a time, and this trip from Maryland to Atlanta was a doozy — 11 hours! In preparation, I made us a bunch of sandwiches — egg&cheese for me and hamegg&cheese for the hubs, took a thermos of my chocolate nut milk, and basically packed up my entire kitchen.

I cooked two things:

A brand new batch of Pickle Soup and a tofu and mushroom concoction that tastes nice over brown rice.

The thought here was that a week being away from home is tough, and I can’t afford to gain another two pounds this week. Although I adore Momma Sturj’s cooking, I simply cannot survive a breakfast of fried potatoes, eggs, pancakes, and a slew of other goodies, for six mornings in a row. Bad news bears for Sarah! Instead, I piled all of my produce into the car as well, so that I could start the mornings here with a nice green juice (yes, I also brought my juicer!)

If I hadn’t been mad rushing to get out of the house in the morning, I would have thought to take a picture of the entire load of food stuff that I brought, but alas, Hubs and I decided to sleep late, as opposed to getting a jumpstart on that drive. Hey, gotta do whatcha gotta do. On the eating front, I’m pretty happy with myself. I’ve eaten a little more leniently that I would be at home (more peanut butter for sure), but I’ve hit the gym every day since we got here and plan to continue that trend, and I have definitely had my green juice each morning and skipped the big breakfast. It is success, as far as I’m concerned.

Anyway, the drive. What a doozy! Fortunately, I came armed with reading material.

Do you remember this book? Hubs mentioned that he read the three books back in high school, and that he had very fond memories of it. Since he’s not one to pick up a novel, I decided to gift him with the series — and lo and behold there are FIVE books, actually, not just three. So I figured this trip would be a good time to knock two of them out. I’d read first book many years ago, and barely remembered it, so I was excited to read it as well.

We finished the entire book! I read for about six hours straight I’m sure — and it definitely helped pass the time. I was surprised though, at the heavy religious subtext in the book — namely, heavy Christian. I didn’t have any recollection of that as a kid, but I guess there are some things you pick up later. Definitely a good read though. We’ll be hitting book 2 on the way back — but that’s not until Friday, and I’m definitely not going to think about it right now!

We saw beautiful scenery in Virginia, which I failed to catch except for this little gem:

Cows on a hill behind a truck stop under a Cracker Barrel sign. Tres chic, no? These guys were incredibly well-behaved, too:

I think they were happy they weren’t being left behind.

As for the rest of the week, we’re just hanging out. Hubs gets back tomorrow and he said we’re going to have a date night in the city, so that should be fun, and we’ll be spending Thanksgiving at our in-law’s good friend’s house, which is always a fun time.

How do you stay even keel during the food festivities? This year, I’ve planned ahead and tried to stick to a particular game plan. I’m absolutely planning to enjoy myself with all the typical holiday fare on Thursday, and I’ll feel fine about because of all the gym time and healthy eats I’m logging in prior to it.

I’ll try and update before Thursday, but if I don’t — Have a Happy Holiday! And a safe one!